Sunday, August 30, 2009

YES! I am still alive and CRAFTIN'

Thank gudness.... I have been away for 2.5 months and I have been sick out of my mind without Blurfing and CRAFTING. I have tried crafting every once in a while when I am not stressing and bringing things from work so I can work for free at home. (ggggrrrrrr!) Oh How I've miss my PINK BLOG. I love the new look. hahaha I'm complimenting my own page. So here are the rundowns of my disappearance.....
  1. Moved into the new tiny apartment .... cozy.... ya when it's cold... HOT! like a mofo in an oven. Our very very old wall heater gives out hot air that super circulates around the apartment and heats the place up like it's 45 degrees outside. And our supposed NEW stove does the same cause of the lighting thingamajig... I don't know what the heck they call it. . Here's a current picture of my luvees.
  2. I went to my first ever bachelorette party for my h.s. best friend in LAS VEGAS. OMG drank and whew! it was way wild for me. Though I felt really bad cause I had no idea how to really party like them all. I some time felt left out but hey that's only because I was the VIRGIN among them all... (irony of being a mommy) hahaha I've never really party all my young and single life, I became a mother at 23 and never really thought of it even if I was able to go out anytime I wanted. We stayed in the lovely Bellagio Penthouse suite.... and here's our view.
That's Lori in the picture on the left, That's one of the 2 rooms we had. The picture on the right is the entrance and the mini bar....My friends are a frequent comers there so we brouight our own alcohol. there were more just didn't get to take a pictures of it all.
    3.    I went to the Wedding.... of course I didn't get to take a good picture of myself but the bride was
           so so so beautiful....
   4.     I still don't have my office at work hahahaha. The DON who used to be the coordinator has not let
           yet let go of her old office to give it to me so her way of making it up, she lets me use the directors
           office so she can hang on and reminisce her days in the bathroom stall size office of MINE.... hahaha
      I guess that's about the only real highlight...Anywhoot... I will be getting back to crafting and posting daily as soon as this mid week. I've been working on Marion's Mini albums for the GGS club. I feel so bad I've lagged in mailing things in time. I'm really not liking the whole all work and no play for me... ;-( I'm sure it'll get better. Okie doks. .... Gotta get back to work.... Just wanted to update my PINK world... And also
Thank you everyone for still comin' by the PINK blog.... MISS YOU ALL! Sistahs....