Friday, April 30, 2010

Goin Naya Krazee...

I had discovered this video awhile back when it was first uploaded on Youtube by: NayaMarie... Well I heard from Daiyel who is from the lovely YouTuber singing group of course. I was so fascinated with the whole One Woman Acapella Sooooooo I just wanted to share it with everyone cause I've been ReeRee for the darn video hehehehehe I even downloaded the MP3 so now it's my ringtone hahahahha. I'm kookiie.... hehehehehe Enjoy hope you like it as much as I did... " Cause I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me papa paparazzi!" hahahahahaha

And for the artsie part..... 
This was my Aloha Rak creation for the month of April... whoot whoot... I hope she enjoyed it.. My coloring still sucks but hey I tried. I was so happy to get back on the stampin wagon as well. So Yes I have been creating just not posting hahahaha. 

More to come.... 


Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Authentic Chick....

Howdeedoo to all. Almost Friday.... whooo hooo... Last week we got my daughters Spring pictures and it came out so beautiful (well to me of course I'm her mom hehehe.) And the great thing about the picture was she was dressed up for her birthday cupcake during class... SO I got lucky with picture day. hehehehe I wasn't so please with the routine school year pics last year and I bought the whole set... hehehe And before pic day for spring I said, "Nah I'm not buying anymore pics, they costs too much" heheheh and YES there I go buying the whole package again. heheheheh. I was so happy I decided to make a page for her.

My Thingamajigs:

  • CTMH Level 2 Topstitch paper packet X7120B

  • CTMH Authentic Acrylic stamp set D1401

  • CTMH Cherished Flourishes Acrylic Stamp set D1413

  • CTMH Just Blooms Spring Blossom Z1266

  • CTMH Mini medley accents Antique copper Z1275

  • CTMH Filigree Charms Z1269

  • My PINK Piggy

  • embossing powder

  • CTMH Markers
Have a blessed evening everyone....
I still have to blurf around to say hello to a lot of super artsie people....


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hard Candy....

Hey everyone. Hope everyone's having a great week so far. Today my kids got a hold of my moms hard candies in her purse. And what I most fear with hard candies of course is choking. And YES my daughter pretty much almost choked on the damn hardened NIPS. Gosh darn it I was crafting on the computer table and behind me is where she sits to watch Hannah Montana and she stood up and said. "Mom it's  stuck!" So I told her stop talking and patted her back and there she gagged and nearly threw up along with the candy. Whew Thank god she didn't really really choke. So that's that with the damn hard candy. hehehe what a scare huh.
       So I have been struggling with this super sickness I've acquired last month. A terrible cough and cold but almost over thank god. I have been trying to craft in my little space by the computer table but it gets really hard with the kids around. So I have been just procrastinating and crafting when I can. Here's what I've been up to.
I've made a page for the close friends I've made at my old job... CV.. and there we were labeled as Biatches cause they were jealous of course hehehehe. And of course little did they know, we were the nicest ones.. lol.. And when they see us all girls go out they say we are goin on a lesbo festival... nothing against them but it's just really funny how ignorant some people think, ya know. Anywho here's the page...

I miss creating so much even if I have to move things everytime I create I would everyday hehehehe. So hope the page is kinda nice to look at. I haven't done a page in awhile so.. hehehehe.
Have a blessed hump day.......


Sunday, April 4, 2010

My first card

This was what I came up with after so long of not making a card. Obviously I didn't want it to be the welcome back card hehehehe. Anywhoots just needed to post it so it doesn't get stuck in the pc. hehehe
So earlier today was my cuzin's birthday bash at their house and he requested for Sushies and SPAM MUSUBIS whoot whoot... I had so much fun making them and made some Salmon and Tako Poke Jacksters style....hehehe Here's what I made....
Jacksters style of Hawaiian POKE... I made my own koz I don't really like the sea salt and the wasabi mix in the poke. I like it plain and simple Salmon, Tako (Octopus), Seaweed salad, and masago to replace the salt... It's salty so I thought I'd use that and plus  it's yummy with rice... =D
Now here's my Spam Musubis... I probably made 60 or even 70 pieces of these. I can't believe how much people really love these. My cuzin the birthday boy was grabbing them each time I finished one so I felt like I wasn't making any progress with making them hehehehe. I had to start using two omusubi makers hehehehe. It was fun though. SPAMerificly delish........

Okie dokie. Huneeboo is home today and back tomorrow... So I will try to craft as soon as everyone is off to bed. =D


Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy card for Michelle U.

Hello everyone. so today I had some time to craft and boy was I happy. My mother took the kids to the play place @ the mall so got some time to clean and craft at the same time hehehehe. It was my blog sisters birthday almost 2 weeks ago. I had missed it.... So here I am using my NEW CTMH acrylic sets that came with my kit.. whoo hooo Happy birthday to all the March Babies... ooohhh oh I'm one of them heheheheh. Ok so here's the card I came up with. Still kinda rusty but hope I gave it justice.. hehehehe
Yikes I forgot ... Stamp is copyright of CTMH of course.
It is called Happy Forever.... It's the cutest.
I am organizing the CTMH Idea books to go out to my sisters to share and hopefully some business hehehehe. *wink wink* Nah if not it's alright too. I love these books as a artsie fartsie girl so I'm sure everyone loves it too. It's like my Cosmo mag. whenever I sit on thrown... hahahahaha
I'm just so excited. I opened the online store today so you can so directly go to the site when you click on the button on the left. And then place your order through MOI...  =-D  I really want this to go well cause it's what I've been wanting to do for awhile now. I was thinking of starting a store like my big sis Jen Y. but I would rather help her out with buying from her and sportin' her store here @ the pink artsie world hehehehe I love everything in her store. So glad she's the owner again. Little C's baybee..... hehehehe So I think I get my order tomorrow... I ordered Nurse Nora stamp and I think Imma make a card when I get some free time, whenever that is... hehehehe. My Huneeboo is coming home tonight so Yipee.... I love seeing him after his long week of training. Oh and I get to go out with my Super fun friends tonight to watch CLash of the Titans... hopefully it's good. Anywhoots it's way too much I shall blog again tomorrow... hehehehehe

Have a blessed weekend all .... and a Happy GOOD Friday ....