Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Meowy Christmas LCWC#11

     So I had artsie time during the kiddies nap time... whooo! I love this card cause I the dew drops were perfect for it. love it love it....
     This is my entry for jen's LCWC#11  So fun... I won last weeks challenge, nice ya... So anywhoots here are the thingamajigs.
PCS Christmas Kitty
Dollar spot brads
Clear acrylic dew drops
Basic Grey scallop undressed die
my cheap markers and fun gel pens
Marcella by K Black
Stampin' Spot
Great 8x8 DPs and CS that I have no idea what brand...


Here's a close up of the super adorable dew drops...

Hope you guys like.... The card measures 7" x 4". I wanted to make a smaller one but decided to stay on the large card today...  Anywhoots enjoy... please do leave a comment if you have extra time and also subscribe or follow... hehehe *I'm recruiting hehehe j./k*
Nitely hugs to ya all...
Scoop ya latah! hahaha

I've been SCOOPED!!!

        OMG I've SCOOPED! hehehe I'm officially a member of a design team of a SOON to be THE NEXT BIG MASS 'I need that set of stamps' ; TWO SCOOPS RICE. Whooo hooooo..... I can't believe it... I'm so excited. I can't wait to start making super fun creations with them stamps. And for sure you all will love them... They are just the most cutest ever yummy character stamps. I'm so honored to be a part of it specially the legend Jenn Muraoka is part of the design team. Can you believe that I get to design with the cutest stamps and then also be a team member with JeNn M... aaaahhhhhhh So so so so excited!
        Thanks so much Renae for this opportunity! Oh gudness I could hug you right now.... Here lemme hug my screen hehehehe... Whooo hooooo *can't wipe off the smile on my face, i know i know I have problems*  I don't even know what else to say the excitement keeps takin' over all I can type is Whoooo hoooooo!....
I guess I'm really happy to be a part of it specially being the first team I am to join, I guess it means a whole lot. Specially knowing the fun future designs oooohhhh! can't wait...Renae.. *wink wink* hehehe
Ok maybe I need to start relaxin' cause it's about lunch time for the kiddies and I promised them I will take them to the baby pool here at our vicinity...

           oh yeah like the new song? heard it from Renae's playlist it totally reminds me of my cousin MARC who can sound just like the singer... hehehehe I immediately pictured him  singin' it hehehe

Can I have a better day... hehehe first I wake up to winning the LCWC#10 then becomin' a design team for the koolest stamps ever... can it get any better. hahahaha.

Thank so much Renae you're the koolest ever......

Still Jumpin' ,

Child's Play...

This page has been on hold forever. This was actually taken about a year ago @ my mom's work place. She's a private caregiver at a private home and the kids go over on the weekends. Taken by a friend who is actually an amateur photographer in the Philippines. Anyway I did what I can with what I had imagined it to look like. I had a video of it actually but thought it was too long to edit and add all the goodies to it so I just deleted it hehehe.  I didn't think it was worthy enough to be posted here on my blog but then again maybe you guys can tell me if it's ugly or not. hehehehe. Of course it'll mean a lot since you all are part of the creative artsie world of mine... hehehehe
    I just got my clear dew drops today and whoo hoo I used some of it here and formed a heart shape around the picture. I also added the little circle pop up I got from a K&Co mini album hehehe. Just to cover up the uckeeness of the weird checkered design I formed with the paper strips. I didn't really know what to write and I kept reading it after I had already jotted it down; caption total suckee... Fun part was the coloring the designs on the DP. all the green vines were actually beige but I decided to color it in with something green. Then the childs play sign I had just printed it on a vellum paper and cut it up with my new craft scissors that are super duperly sharp for $1. hehehe
    Again I didn't think this was a worthy page cause I suck in writing. Anywhoots everyone please kindly leave me a comment as to what you REALLY think about the page. I guess I'm a bit iffy with this one cause I haven't done any scrap pages for wuite some time now...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

RuBBah Dub Dub..

So I got new rubbahs to play with and yes I haven't even taken it out of the plastic... unbelievable hehehehe Usually teared up after getting it out of the mailbox. hehehe.
Anywhootsies I will play with them later on tonight and Whooo hooo I'm in the mood of making a video... I have so many in mind just not enough time to... hehehe
Happy Sunday all...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hoot Hoot HooRay... Dean...

It's 2am well 1:51am and it's my nephews birthday later on. Of course I am not gon' to waste money on ready made b-day cards so I made this for him. It's actually a cash/check holder... I love it it's so cute... I'm not putting it in an envelope cause I settled for my poly bags to show off the cuteness of the card hehehe. I wish I had one of those scallop edge cutters. hehehe
There's the inside of the card I also added the Happy B-day sentiment inside along with his name for personalization... hehehehe...
PCS QT HOoty set
Stampin' Spots
Marcella by K black ink
Great Paper Company CS
We are Memory Keepers Coppered out set
Dollar spot sentiment Happy b-day stmap
Dollar spot Ribbon
                 I didn't really wanna spend super hours on this cause he's turning 7 and I sure don't want to see my homemade cards bein' thrown after receiving the gift inside.... But I think I've spent about 3 hours on this at least.... I hope everyone will have a great weekend as for me I will try my best to... I feel like I'm getting sick since the Baby has had a cold for a few days now... and he loves to kiss Mommy-O... hehehe
Okie Dhoks...

Friday, September 26, 2008

LCWC #10

I was so excited when I was making this card... I couldn't believe how lucky I was to find such great set of Halloween DPs. I love it love it love it.....
Believe it or not that super cute owl is part of one DP from the set it comes with 4 sheets of glittered DPs... AAAAAAAhhhhhhh I know huh so so cute.... I still can't over it I have to make my OCT ATC's and I just finished my RAK hahaha I'm a bit late sending it off I'd rather send it out early than late ya... Anywhoots HALLOWEEN THEME til' I finish off all my papers heheheh maybe not... we'll see....
Marcella by K Paper pack
Marcella by K black ink
Studio G BOO stamp Katie & Co copyright
My Wal-mart buttons
Dollar spot ribbons

* oh  yeah I'm such a loser I was watching my daily Filipino soaps while finishing this card and at the brink of the show I was stampin the boo with the 2 step way which is Versamark then ink then BAM! accidentally dabbed it downwards hehehehe So excuse the poor embossing with the BOO! sentiment... heheheh. Promise I'll do better next time...I was hoping the big glittered owl will take over it for me hehehehe let me cross my fingers...*
Hugaroonies to ya all I hope you guys like it...

How do I win?

I have seen so many blog candies around and I am so wanting to be the winner of it all. hehehe sound selfish ya but my name never seem to get picked. hehehehe. I wonder when I am going to win ANY kind of blog candy.....hahahaha
I was just browsin' so many sites just came in mind why I never get picked hehehehe....
Just a J-thought....


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HoooOoT HoooOT Pink Cat Studio

OMG I was so excited when my card was put into PCSs gallery.... And today I am even more excited with Melissa putting my card on the PCS blog for the Love the layout wednesday... SUPER DUPER excited. hahaha! Maybe to some of you I guess it's an ONLY kind of thing but to me who have just really started with stampin' it's a great feeling of inspiration when people like my cards,  and for Melissa (PCS owner) to put it on PCS blog... IT'S JUST TOO EXCITING... hehehehe. I knew I was goin' to be on the love the layout Wednesday but still jumped and danced for joy when I saw the post... My happiness is shallow ya... hahaha. I had my daughter askin' me  "What's wrong mom?" hahaha.
     The Pink and brown I posted yesterday is for Michelle U... Just an appreciation card. I'm sure it's not as close to what she and Joy makes but I felt I wanted to say thanks on a card... She's so creative and such an artsie gal. I would love to send it to her but don't have her address hehehehe. So Michelle if you may.. please email me your address ONLY if it's oK with ya... hehe
      I will list the Thingamajigs in a bit...
I will also post another project that I had done for my ribbons. I had turned one of my plastic container into a Ribbon box....

Wednesday Hugs,


Monday, September 22, 2008

Pink & Brown...

Quick Post... Enjoy... have tons and tons of house work waiting for moi....


Tagged! FACTS you'll laugh about.... Me hehehehe

Here are the rules...
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Lisa
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Things about me:
  1. I'm a frustrated SINGER hehehehe. Ever since I was 2 that I could remember, I have always been in love  with singing. But never really had any extra money to take any lessons. So just pursued it most during high school years and after that became a frustrated singing nurse.. hehehe
  2. I love watching DOG the Bounty Hunter on A&E. Specially when they have a marathon.. I could watch it all day while scrappin' away.
  3. I dance in front of the mirror when I'm home alone hehehehe. It's my Loner exercise...
  4. I've failed my driving test 2x and I'm still afraid to take the 3rd one.. YES I KNOW I"M a Supah Losah...
  5. I love to cook...(can't you tell on my very much  healthy face..) I love goin' into a bookstore and going straight to the bargain cook books. 
  6. I don't like the taste of Cilantro..
  7. I really really really want to go back to school to become a Nurse practitioner and specialize in wound management just like I've always wanted. 
And the 7 people I would like to tag are:
  1. Jen Young
  2. Jenn Muraoka
  3. Lori girl
  4. Maria
  5. Margie
  6. Michelle
  7. and last but not least Joy Michelle's BFF
Have fun guys I hope we don't get tag for awhile hehehehehe...


Sunday, September 21, 2008

LCWC #9 HooT HooT Uncle..

I had done this card actually last Thursday and was procrastinating with putting it on. Of course I had to use my PCS QTs. I needed to make a birthday card for my uncle and I know this looks kinda kiddish but hey that's the point  yeah. hehehe. So again I will list the thingamajigs later on tonight cause we are actually getting ready to go out to see a family friend. here's my card. My LCWC #9 entry...

Friday, September 19, 2008

I've been SWEETLY TAGGED....

* Darn! PC I have no Idea what is goin' on this will be my 3rd time to post aaaaahhhhhhh*
So I was sweetly tagged by Michelle U. of Mushi's Creative Inspirations... Sweet yeah. She's one of my daily inspirations and so it her BFF Joy. hehehe. I wish I could tag all my daily inspirations but I'm sure they all know they inspire me everyday...
So I am taggin' YOU Ms. Little C's DivaLicous Jen Young...YES you TAG! hehehehe She inspires me to create daily big time and becoming a part of her clubs are even more inspiring because I meet so many creative artsie people who are super duper sweet and nice and I treasure everyone who has become my daily inspirations and becoming my bloggin' friends. Jen has great ideas, great cards to share, and fun challenges...So that's why I chose Ms Jen...
Here are the rules:
1. pass this on to one person who inspires you...
2. link back and give recognition to the person who gave the award to you...
3. tell us why this person inspires you or is special to you...
4. you can cut and paste the image and rules...
5. you can't send it back to the person who gave it to you...
**don't forget to tag the person to let them know
Congrats on a job well done......
Whooo hoooo.....
to the following artsie ladies....


August ATCs ...

I will post their separate pictures later on after putting their names on the pictures so I will just show you guys the set of the month of August. You can find these gals on the right side of the pink artsie blog under ATC Gals...
So Artsie yeah...


Thursday, September 18, 2008

OoowL MIss You.......

I felt a little gloomy today & it translated to this Blue Oowl Miss you card. I'm really happy with the outcome and it was kinda funny cause I had first colored QT brown then I didn't like the way I added my glitter gel so I ended up doin' another QT Hooty and cutting it adding it as a dimensional... hehehe. Anywhoots... I really love this set it's so easy to work with when it comes to coloring. I mean I barely have any skills with coloring and the only technique I know how to do is making it neat and pretty (means not going out of the lines hehehe) I will list the Thingamajigs in a little cause I just wanted to do a small post and post the pictures...
The Paper Company Heritage pack
Great Paper company DP
Dollar Spot Scrapbooking Ribbon
Wal-Mart Buttons hehehe
My Cheap markers another hehehe
Stampin' Spot 'Not quite Navy'
Marcella by K
Pinklet of course
& shall not forget PCS QT HooTy Stamp set
* I really love the whole side crooked layout look and I believe I've really picked it all up from Jenn Muraoka of Kiyomi Krafts... If you haven't checked her blog out, I say you do it right after mines' hehehehe You'll totally get inspired no doubt*

I also wanted to say thanks to my recent viewers who are comin' from all over the world. Much much artsie hugs to ya all. I'm so happy that people are actually coming back and following or occasionally visiting the pink artsie. I really really really Thank you all and it just keeps inspiring me to continue with creating daily.
HugaRooNees ,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HOooOw Exciting...

Hahaha I just wanted to share with ya guys the joy I felt when Melissa of Pink Cat Studio emailed me to tell me she's putting card in the PCS sites gallery... heheheh how fun huh. I mean I don't know if she puts everyone who sends their card to the site but I sure am glad my went in hehehehe. I saw a bunch of card from Ms Jenn M. last time I checked. hehehe So anywhoots I will probably buy some more from Little C's after I finish with the QT hooty.... Love it love it love it.....
Just wanted to share that thought. I'm hoping to create during the kiddies nap time so keeping my fingers cross.....

My favorite day...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

KWerner Design Color Inspiration #23

Another Color Inspiration brought to us by Kristina Werner of k werner design. I was so excited to use my new rubbahs from Jen's Little C's, PCS QT HOoty ...Anywhootsies I tried my best with matching all the colors it had and I think it came out rather well... Excuse the amateur coloring but I tried my best hehehe.
Crate Papers CS
Crate Papers DP
Cheap markers hehehe
Marcella by K
mini white beads
my amateur stitching.

Here are some extra pictures... Time to start LCWC #9...
Hope you guys like it....

Monday, September 15, 2008

RuBBaH Rubbah Rubbah....

Look @ what was waiting in my mailbox today?Rubbah Rubbah rubbah... aaaahhh I'm so excited...  I would've headed to the mailbox earlier but there was a super heat wave or something out here, I think it was like 102 o' somethin' KrayZeee...H.O.T.... Poor kids thank goodness they love to drink water.... and thank gudness for the AC.... hehehe.

Thanks Jen Y. Love it love it love it... can't wait to start creating.... maybe tonight when everyone is snorin' away... Still gotta fold some clothes but for now it's bedtime kiddies....

Oh yeah Look Calli  & Co. I've been waiting for this catalog for oh about 2 weeks hahahaha j/k maybe almost 2 wks. hahahah. Anyway blog ya later.....


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pink Artsie's Sunday Morning....

So I figure that since I don't have much time to really do a video during the weekdays and weekends are usually calmer than usual. I think I will only post videos every sunday or at least try to hahaha. I wanna be able to create everyday and I'm not the perfect person with time management right now or ever. hehehe. I decided Sunday Mornings because of the song by Maroon 5. I love that song. I had also tried out JeNn's Aloha friday project out this morning and this is a sneak peak of the box....

I'm tryin' to use up my ColorBok Kit and I really love the designs this kit has. Anwhootsies... Hope you like.


Friday, September 12, 2008

3x3 Note card set...

Here's a 3x3 Note card set I've been wanting to try out. I added a belly band takin' que from JeNn M. of Kiyomikrafts.


ColorBok CS
ColorBok DP

Box is actually 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1" high
and the cards inside are 3" x 3"
I don't know if anyone needs any instructions so just message me if you want some measurements. Thanks for visiting today.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

A tribute to us ALL....

I figured that since today is a special day to remember I decided that my September Dimensional theme ATC will be dedicated in remembering everyone who was touched by the 9/11 tradegy.
Crate Paper
Scrapbooking DP (4th of July theme)
CTMH Love Tags set
Clear Embossing Powder
Brilliance Pigment Ink
My Pinklet (my pink heat tool hehehe)
That's all.....
Tudalls and enjoy,