Monday, June 13, 2011


Yey. Won my first challenge since I've been back.. Can't wait to start the new challenge... Thanks big sis Jen Y.
let see what's new...
I have been youtubing lessons on how to play the guitar lately... lol. Yes finally I could almost say I play an instrument hahahaha. My mom always said she wished I played the piano, which I would've loved if she had put me into classes but no... so... I fell in love with the acoustic sound of the guitar when I first heard Kealii Reichel

Back when I was 10yrs old. Our family is very close to Hawaii because we have family there. When I was young we used to live with my Auntie and her family who were once Locals in Kaneohe and Waikiki. So they always had Hawaiian music around. Who wouldn't, the soothing sounds and romantic Hawaiian music just makes my heart melt. anywhoo... Even until now I could still sing Kawaipunahele and I'm probably not pronouncing some words right but I got most of it hehehehe. So ok but yeah long story short I'm super happy I'm learning slowy but surely how to play the lovely guitar.. when I'm a pro then Imma jack my cousins ukulele, I heard he's learning how to play it right now hahahahaha. Then Imma learn how to play Honey Baby by Three plus hhahahahaha....

Our card for the day is a masculine little simple Hb card. My husband always tells me that I always make girly cards even for guys so I decided to go simple....
I love the colors... and I didn't have any great sentiments so I decided to print on vellum paper and it came out pretty ok I guess. Okie dokies... that's all for now...

Oh yeah Happy blessed Monday to you all...
Smile and for sure you will have a great rest of the day...


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally a challenge!

So I have finished these cards days ago when I said I will be up to doin some challenges so. I decided to start with big sis Jen Young's monday challenge..
I decided to go back to colored pencils for now since I suck with the markers. lol or maybe i just need to get some Copics hahaha the CTMH markers aren't pleasing my unskilled hands hahahaha not that it would really make a difference right lol. So anyhow I purchased the digital images of course from TGF Grad Anya and Grad Ian.. love it though I probably would've love the actual stamp then again I couldn't wait to freakin' create so I got the digis... I printed a slightly bigger than an actual stamp size so it's pretty huge for a 5X5 card. lol I love it though. I actually had to print another Anya one cause I totally messed up the face... so here's a messed up face one and then the kinda ok one hehehehehe

This is the one where i had to change the face cause it was not lookin good hahaha. it's a different on from the one above... and then the inside of both cards I kinda made pretty and added a gift card holder on the Ian card..

God Bless to all and enjoy the lovely Saturday...


Friday, June 10, 2011

Wall Decor

I have been so addicted to Vinyl wall art and all sorts of artsie things to design your home with... So I found this great butterfly wall art and finally my naked dining room wall now has this lovely art piece on it.. lol. I altered it by putting the frames of my old decorations, and koinkeedee it was the perfect size for the wall art. Hope ya like...

I hope to find another set so I can give to a friend of my who loves butterflies.... So i can fix up her apartment too hahahaha.

 this one is right beside the butterflies set

and this one is in our 2nd BR since every time we have guests over they usually use this bathroom..

 This is right above our television in the living room 

Then this is our tiny bedroom with a cal king bed set hahaha 

I feel like I was turning our home into a big scrapbook page hahahhaa. Anywhoo....
Enjoy your day...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank You.... HB

One of my first images from Himawari Babies... I got it from Joni.. lol. Thanks girl.. I decided to make a simple yet cute thank you card. 


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Cuppee cake.

I made this with my other cupcake but forgot to post it.. lol I used the PCS Sweet treats stamp set. Not much today and very little time so I will just post the card and  shall blog again later...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Look what I got...

                   Today was Volunteer recognition day at my daughters school. They gave us a chocolate bar and a certificate. lol. Although the last name is my married name but not legal hehehehe. They also had a little brunch thingamajig for the parents and staff... Had a little croissant and a tiny danish. Then the big news came when our prek teacher told me they're going to have the pre-k program again this coming year so my sons could attend yey... I was going to move my daughter out of the school for 1st grade cause my son needed to be in another school for the pre-k but since they are still having it for this coming year I think I might just leave her there since she's a smarty pants anyway. So I have nothing to worry about when it comes to the education. I just wish they had more variety of different race hehehe. ok let me just move on to the crafty part.

                I made this care for my daughter but wanted to use yellow for the hair causei'm pretty bad at coloring so it looks weird when it's brown heheheheh.. I wish I could buy copics and actually learn to color like my fellow artsie ladies that color so well. Anywhoots here it is...

Hope you're all having a great day on this nice sunny day... lol then cold again tomorrow... darn weather... hehehe


Monday, June 6, 2011

Chocolates anyone???

Last friday my daughter won her first Spelling Bee.... Congrats to you babe.. lol. I decided to give the kiddos some kind of appreciation gift to all the participants... soooooo... I bought some Cadbury Chocolates and I covered it with cute DP and printed the Congratulation from photobucket i think...

The other kids were all asking for one but of course had to explain that the Spelling Bee kids were the only ones getting them for being so good at the event. I showed these to our kindergarten teacher and she was so amazed she said I'm beyond Martha Stewart heheheh I wish... Anyway... I will post a cute card tomorrow... I made it for my daughter...I just wished I colored it differently and better of course...

Okie dokie... See ya


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Morning...

               Happy Sunday to you all. Here's a lovely card for a beautiful Sunday... I'm all alone here at the house today so I crafted all morning long and even until now.. But I gotta stop to clean a little so they won't think I didn't do anything today hehehehe.
I made this last week though. But since I just started blogging again.... Tada... hehehe I extra love this card because of the color selection and the layout I came up with... Then I happened to have checked out Mojo mondays layout and it's similar... whatta coinkidee... weird. hehehe. I have been blurfing but I gotta start leaving precious comments cause they are all so pretty and inspiring. I've been so blessed with the time I get to craft lately so I guess I've been just taking advantage of the crafting time. lol.
    Hope you're all having a blessed Sunday...


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hello... It's Upside down lol....

So the other day I was so siked that Ms. Maria Bell was sharing this digi word art she had made. I totally made, well kinda just replicated her layout just no ribbons... So again I was so excited without thinking of how the image was printed from my printer...Created 4 cards..... here's a pic.
and there it was I noticed that the leaves were upside down. lol.
noticed it when I started putting the clear glossy thingamajig on the leaves... lol.

So I made a new batch, the proper way. lol. here it is.. Thanks Maria... super loved makng these...


Friday, June 3, 2011

WE WON.... My girl got the Bees!!!!!

           My girl, Mya took home 1st place in their Annual Spelling Bee in her school.. I am so proud of her... She has been studying her words every single day and she really deserved it... All the contestants were so smart. I think they just had a blasts cause they were all the center of attention... It was so funny I was more nervous as if I was the one spelling... lol.
          Here's her first trophy... and more to come heheheheh. I love it I'm so so proud of her..

I will post my creation later on I am currently making something for all the contestants... they were all so great...


Here's a 30 minute card I made for the mother in law early this year...

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have been MIA for almost 2 years now well a year but fully back... yes I am this year. I have been crafting almost every single day now and it feel amazing....... Been reading and been so inspired by the greatest crafters around just to name a few.... big sis  Jen Young , Maria Bell ,Enjoli  and more....

Life has been weird and wacky and happy and sad. But life is full of greatness and blessings from the lord above. So life goes on... lol... I have gne through so many new and old roads for the past year and a SAHM is where it lead me back and back to my wonderful PINK artsie bloggin world, of course is where I am most happy right. I have never forgotten the friends I 've made and great inspirations I have out here in the bloggin world. I love all the changes, exciting and even more creative creations I have been seeing since I stopped bloggin and crafting all in all. I am so excited I can't even sleep some times I craft til the breakahdawn hahahahaha... I just gotta get myself into blurfin more like the madd and krazee girl I was then. hehehe.
       So anywhoots.... let me get to the first card I made since I have gotten the MoJo back.... gotta love it when you're full of inspirations.... Thanks Maria you are one of my true inspirations and forever will be one of the best out there..... girl I'd give you your own show if I was Oprah... lol. SERIOUSLY!!! You are one crafty lady.... Love love your work...

ok ok here it is too much talkin' for me hehehehe I MISS YOU GUYS AAAAHHHHH I'M SO HAPPY TO BE BACK PROMISE EVERY SINGLE DAY THERE WILL BE A POST.....

whoot whoot... made this card for my duaghters Pre-k Teacher... it was his birthday and of course I had to make him one... he's one of those who actually appreciates your cards... lol.

Okie doks.. many many stories and creations to come. Hope to see more friends come by and I shall blurf all day tomorrow oh wait... it's my daughters first ever Spelling Bee tomorrow... Kindergarten of course... I just know she'll win... hehehehe confident mom makes a confident daughter hehehehehe. so I will blurf after the spelling bee in the am.

Thanks for stoppin' by and let us start a great I'M BAAACKKKK here @ the PINK aRTsie world...