Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Halloween card to all...

So it's Halloween week and I sitll have several pieces of Halloween left over waiting for me to create something. I have been orienting at work and it's killin' me that I haven't had the time to visit my artsie aura. I have been just walking and walking and walkin' and did I say WALKING! If you are a nurse I'm sure you would kow what I mean... The place where I will be working at is insane. hehehe not because they had hired such an artistic person which has nothing to do with nursing heheheh but they expect one LVN to give medications to 46 pts throughout the day till dinner time. YES.... 46! Yikes I yelled at myself silently of course when I found out. But hey thank gudness I got a call from the director today and she said OK you can be charge at night, hehehe which is of course A LOT LESS Meds to give but more likely the peak of the frequent customers of PAIN MEDs. Won't I love that. hehehe. The good thing I'm hoping to be able to do is BLOG! I will be bringin'  my PINKY  (that pink laptop up there) as my toy for the night. Just hope no one steals it from me though I will be keeping it the lock cabinet of the station. Anywhoots. let's get back to the card I finished yesterday after work....
I decided to name her only because she really looks like a Harriet. hehehehe. to me at least.
Here's the thingamajigs:
Stampin' Spots
Studio G's Alphabets
Scallop circle punch
Circle punch (don't know the size cause it was done by someone else hehehe)
Micheal's Ribbon
Misc CS
Marcella by K Halloween DP
So since I have started work I have been feelin' a bit blah about not creating so much like everyday before. I've decided I will cut out all the DPs and CSs I need to make a card and I will just do challenges for now until I get the hang of all the full time work and mommy thing. I guess kinda hard only because I live 60 miles away from the work place and my loser self don't drive (well it's not like there's an extra car to used anyway). Okie doks thanks everyone for still visiting the pink artsie though I have not been able to create as much I hope you guys still visit.
Huggies and super more hugs,

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's christmas in October I tell you....

I went to the clubhouse this morning to pick up a couple packages. And YES one of them was a box from Joy , My super October Rakin' partnah.... sorry dahlin' I haven't mailed yours out but hopefully this afternoon or tonight.
I'm havin' a Hello Kitty Christmas in October seriously.... Look at all the goodies Joy sent me and yesterday look at all the goodies Michelle has sent me... whooooooooo Hooooooooooo! Meow! They are the two super bloggin' sistahs that I told you guys about in the awards I got. They are super best friends and I am truly blessed to be one of their bloggin' sisters.... Well I'm more happy that I've found them ya... hehehe.
I really truly appreciate their sweet, kind thoughts and those cards they make will definitely inspire everyone. Specially those Hello Kitty ones... heehehe. Ok off to pack them goodies so I shall blog ya all later....

Huggies & hugs,

Friday, October 24, 2008

RAK from Michelle... OMG Luv luv luv luv and did I say LUV it.

OMG I was away for 2 days and looki lookie here. Here's what was waiting for me in the mail. I wa so excited of course the envelope didn't get to wait to the house on the way from the mailbox TEARIN' the package away.
Michelle is one of the sweetest bloggin' sister I have here on the bloggin' world. I'm so glad that I have become acquainted with her and her best friend Joy.... hehehehe of course via JEN YOUNG. All the island girls are oh so super duper NICE and you cannot ask for a better bloggin' friends. Even the one that's out here... Yeah that's you Maria hehehehe.
Anywhoots THANK YOU THANK YOU Michelle. I'm so behind with sending my goodies out to the sweet gals I have on my list. I guess I've been just worried or nervous with work and all. I hope to finish them tonight.
I will be creating tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I can pack up early and just keep creating till it's time to go to my mom's again for work tomorrow.
Tudalls Oodles,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Have you been naughty or nice? TECC38

I have to do a quick post this morning cause I have a ton of clothes to iron before I leave later and spend my Thursday and Friday at my mom's job for my orientation. UNLUCKY me hubs wants me to leave the kids at home so I won't see them for 2 days and YES I was cryin' about it this morning. When I spend my days with my kids for 25 HRS I get back to this motherly seperation anxiety whenever I go back to work. The hubs don't really understand that. Anywhoots move on to the card...

This is my card for Taylor's challenge.. I have her site on the challenge blogs on the right side of my blog, so if you like challenges check them out when you have time. On this card I had actually added a shiny gem on the ribbon part of the gift box. I took the picture right after I had finished the card and added the gem today only. Anywhoots the thingamjigs are the foloowing.
  • K & Company DP
  • Misc CS
  • Dollar spot embellishments
  • PCS Christmas Kitty set
  • Me and My big ideas sequence rope
  • ? flower die.
I have plenty more of cards to make for the challenges this week and I've just received Corie's instructions for a stationary box kit... ooohhh I can't wait to make it. Anywhoots have a happy hump day to all....
HuGs & more huggies,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Enemies can ACTUALLY be your friends in the end...

HAppy Tuesday everyone. Like I said on my post yesterday or better yet early early this morning... I will be posting a bunch of scrap pages this week but doesn't mean I'm takin' a break on the card challenges... hehehe I love love them challenges specially Little C's of course. ;-D So Anywhoots I made this page last night from my very naked high school scrapbook (when I didn't know DP for scrappin' actually exist) I took it out of the old scrapbook since the pictures had a story to back it up.
    So I was 10 years younger on one of the pictures and 8 years younger on the other. I look like a baby hahaha. Boy I still can imagine living them fun times. I was in a class called Theater Workshop which was a multitalent workshop in my H.S. We sung,danced, and acted in the class. Anywhoots, There was a girly drama between me and this dahlin' girl back in the days and it just ended up better than I thought.
I hope you guys enjoy the page. I really had a blast fixin' it up. I know the pictures are old but it was just perfect with  the DPs and sentiments I had layin' around and plus I needed to start using them bling that have been stuck in the storage case forever... hehehe
Thanks for visiting everyone and don't forget to subscribe.....

Also I have added a challenge list on the right side of my blog for those of you who loves challenges as much as I do...

Happy bloogin' Tuesday to all...

Magical Dreams... Cinderella & Me :oD

Ok so I have a lot scrap pages I have done with no pictures in 'em and I've finally printed some picture to scrap. So here's our Monday pages... I made it very simple and just mats and few designs since I thought I was goin' to make for my lovey girl... Anywhoots... funny story ... caption on the purple note on the page, Cinderella was the first character we saw after coming in by the entrance. I was so excited to see her and immediately went in line draggin' my daughter along... hahaha. that's how much I love Cinderella even if I know she's a fairytale character and the person was only a Disneyland employee... hehehe. My daughter tends to get scared of characters that she sees on TV in real life so she wasn't as happy looking as I was... I don't have a more clear picture of both pages but you could kinda see my smurk of excitement than my daughter... hehehe we even got her autograph which I could probably have done myself ... hehehe.
I hope you guys like my simple pages ... I just noticed that I was late on posting for monday and now it's Tuesday ... aah. Anywhoots I'm doin' all scrap pages this week. But I have a lot of challenges I want to do and I have to do them before I leave for work on Wednesday... Still be bloggin' since I have Internet access over at my moms whooo hooo So I have to pack my artsie craft luggage. hehehe I have this set I got from O (
Now this Christmas I think I will add one of these in my wish list. hehehehe
    Still can't decide which one... Both are just too cute.. I love the combo of Pink and brown it's just so Yum-O lookin' ya? hahaha
hope all is havin' a blastin' week so far...
Hugs and More huggies to you all,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh How I've missed you....

OMG you guys don't know how much I've missed bloggin', it makes me feel like I'm having some kind of allergy when I think about not bloggin' and creating... I itch basically. hehehehe I start to have hives all over. hahahaha I am really happy to say though I have created a card that actually kinda is for me but not only cause I'm giving away. I'm so excited to be back to bloggin' and creating. a week break is just so painful hehehe.
I guess I'm so used to creating something everyday and when I stopped I was in a withdrawal state of mind hahaha. I wonder if they have a rehab for Artsie people? It'll proly be called Artsie Anonymus hahahaha..
So since I have finally landed a job I have been already spending money in my mind. Yes... I'm already thinking of becoming either a consultant for CTMH or a demonstrator for SU. But who knows when that will be cause of course a mommy has her priorities ya?

I really have missed bloggin' but I will write more tomorrow.... and I have only been gone for some days... wow I wonder how I will be if I don't blog or create after a month? aaaaahhhhh NIGHTMARE!

Huggies to ya all,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No interviews needed. But still got it...

So yesterday I had an interview with my  old director who I had actually just left hangin' back in 2004... BAD GIRL I was.. She's still willing to gamble and took me back in the facility... YES I FINALLY GOT A JOB after another year of bein' jobless... I am so thankful to our dear lord up above for answering my prayers and for giving me hope and strength throughout this hardship.
         Anywhoots I have been stayin' here at my mom's work place(she's a private stay in nurse) and I haven't had the time to create anything. I head home  tomorrow so I hope to create  something on saturday. I like to make a few things before I start work next week. I gotta get all the nursing uniforms out and iron them thank gudness I left some for myself since I stopped working I have sold most of my scrubs through ebay cause they were mostly just worn once since I was in  a scrub-craze. I'm excited with my job but also at sad since there are chances that I might not see my kids for 3 days since my house is actually 1hr away from my old job. But who knows we'll see.

So Tudalls for now..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My LCWC #13 & TECC37

Here's my entry for actually 2 challenges. LCWC #13 and TECC 37. I wanted to do a combo cause I wanted to do a quick card for my mom who is leaving for Philippines tomorrow... And SHE LOVES my cards.. hehehe Ok I don't really have too mcuh to say today cause I have to head down to Brentwood (my mom's job) cause I have an interview with my old nursing director for  a position as a night time charge nurse... time to get a job... with how the economy is going, life will just get harder if I don't start working.
Anywhoots here's my card...I wish to write more but have to leave... I hope you guys like my card...
Also I wanted to say thanks to all the ladies who gave me such great advice on what to put on my copyright here on the Pink Artsie....

Monday, October 13, 2008

LCWC # 10 Prize Assistant is needed in the pink Artsie blog

I Totally forgot I got this about a week and half ago... hehehe Imma use it today....
           Hey everyone I was going to start emailing blog friends then I thought nah let's see if anyone will respond to the post... As you guys know I've only been bloggin' for about 3 months now and I have updated the blog from a rose to a rose bush... but the only thing that is missing is the legal thingy... I don't know what to say and I sure don't want to copy anyone's copyright of their blog. So if anyone out there would LOVE to help me hehehehe. You're welcome to email me over at I would definitely super duperly appreciate it if someone else makes it for me hehehehe cause I really don't know what to say and I sure don't want my a$$ to get into any legal trouble, if ya know what I mean....

So ANYONE up for it? hehehe I mean I understand if you all are too busy so just drop a comment and let me know how I should do it or something hehehe Just so I have an idea I guess...

LCWC #12 & Michelle's Blog Candy Challenge...

How do you get your Artsie MoJo back? Hopefully I can fully recover in the afternoon since the only thing we could do today is stay at home since the Santa Ana winds are goin' ballistic outside. Hahaha I looked outside and I've just put my contacts on before I looked outside my bedroom window, and I said why are my contacts so blurry? Duh! it wasn't my contacts it was the freakin' DUST storm not sand cause no sign of any sand here in MOO (dairy farms on every corner) capital... I wouldn't be surprise if I start seeing manure flyin' outside my front door... hehehehe. I really mean it though, I live about a mile away from the closes dairy hehehe. I couldn't miss any challenges this week since I have been laggin' and suffering from A.L.M.S. (artsie left me syndrome) I challenged myself to do all the challenges TODAY...Anywhootsie I challenged myself to do about 5 challenges at least for today... can you believe that?
   So far here's what I have done...
LCWC #12
though I did not use a A & B stamp since I don't have any I still wanted to make a card... hehehe
And here's Michelle's Challenge for a blog candy... a double Kit Kat box...
I swear if my life depended on perfect cutting I think I wouldn't have passed kindergarten. hehehe. I don't know why I can never cut well, even good enough. But yet I still love to cut. hehehe one ironic trait of mine being it that I'm so hooked on paper crafts... hehehe. So the other ones will have to wait for later on when the kids are ready to nap. which is after I give them a bath right now......

Here's another kita kat box for Michelle's challenge...
 This time I used a clear acrylic sheet so I can stick the pumkin face on the pumkin shaped hole hehehe. Then all the embellishment on the box are pop ups... Cute ya? I have found a purpose for those acrylic sheets Finally!... Ok be back again... Latah...
Blog ya latah,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've caught the A.L.M.S....Where's my MoJo???

OMG I'm dying of ARTSIE-LEFT-ME Syndrome... HELP!... I haven't created anything for 3 days. I can't function right...hehehe I feel like I'm about to have the flu or something hahahaha. All I've done is put all the ATCs together and that's it.. I can't believe how horrible I feel when I don't create anything. It's funny though.
Anywhoots we went down to Temecula earlier for dinner with the bro & sis in law, ate at Sushi Boat (hubs and My fave Jap Res.) I had their special Hawaiian POKE they call it... I wish they put some salmon in it but it was all Ahi.. My video didn't pull through for today I'm sorry I know some of you guys said you guys couldn't wait but I hope to make up for it this week.
So as for the ATCs still I wanna put together my ATC video cause my daughter interrupts me while taping it and askin', "Mom who are you talking to? you talkin' to yourself? HELLO? who are you talking to?" She's so funny. I really want you guys to see it cause once I had her on the spot she freezes hehehehe...
Ok well I will try my best to create something before I have to fold our clothes and catch some super snoozes and start the weekadeedaleedo....

I wanna win a blog candy this week... but I haven't even created anything so I don't know...
Okie dhoks...
tudalls all,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time 2 Share....Recipe & ATCs

Just wanted to share a chicken recipe with everyone and hope you guys do try it cause it's pretty simple and I'm sure you guys will love it. Here it is....
My Recipe:

Honey Oystered Chicken


8 pcs of chicken thighs or 3 big pieces of Chx breast w/ bones
1 cup of jullian sliced onion (sweet onion is best if not any will do)
4-5 cloves of garlic minced
1/4 cup of honey
1/4 cup of water
1 1/2 tbs of Oyster sauce ( I don't know if this is a rare ingredient :oD
1/4 tsp of black ground pepper or more if desire..

How to prepare:
1.     First sautee garlic in EVOO or any other oil you prefer to use
2.     then add onions after garlic is lightly browned and cook oinions till it starts to carmelize
3.     Then add chicken and starts sauteeing chicken in garlic-onion mixture till chicken is halfway cooked
4.     Then add water and let simmer for 10 mins
5.     and last Add Oyster sauce and honey and mix
6.     let it simmer in medium fire till Chicken is thoroughly cooked. 
 and Voila! Honey Oystered Chickenit's my original recipe K.....

 I know some I had already emailed some ofyou with this recipe but I wanted to also let other people I haven't emailed. Anywhootsies I would love to hear from you all who are willing to try it  though.
     So wasn't expecting my ATCs today but whooo hooo! it's here. I got the cutest batch this month I mean last month's was great too but this time they are all so pretty. I hope everyone liked my ATC too. I only did the dimensional part of the theme (I'm poor, I don't have that many gadgets as I would love to) So anywhootsies I have a video of Showing the ATCs rather than taking pictures of the cards itself and I have a special guest on the video...I mean I'm  sure you have an idea I mean it's not like I have anyone famous living with me... hehe. I'm not posting any creations till saturday since I'm kinda busy today and most of tomorrow.  Okie doks.

tudalls all,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here Kitty kitty Spider Boo...

Hehehe I like my title hehe. Anywhoots here are my cards for the October ATC clubs... I'm in 2 and I'm not naming which goes where hehehe. It's a surprise! So anyway not much happenin' today other than my daughter asking me "Mom. what's a dracula?" before I even started to say what it is she said, "It's like you Dracula! Jackielou! hahaha!" OMG she nearly had me on the floor crackin' up. I have plenty of challenges that I want to do after browsin' around the bloggin' world today... here's a list of them hehehe something to keep my mind occupied right?
  1. Jen's LCWC #12 even if I don't have a A & B stamp.. hehe
  2. Allison's AFSS38 Button Challenge
  3. Taylor's TECC#36
Anymore for me? hehehe Oooh I'm gonna vote for Jen to win that trip for her most huggable hubby...
Just wanted to show how the legs of the spider is not glued down Yikes! don't like spiders hhehehe but of course this is an exception. hehehe
hugs and more hugs to you all....
I hope you guys enjoy this pair of ATCs

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

3 steps POSTs... All around PCS KITTY

First I would like to thank everyone for all the kind words of strength while I'm stuck in this hole I'm in... I had second thoughts if I should even say anything about my down side on this blog since it is my artsie blog cause I do have a personal blog, but I think I will be taking it down soon. I think that I just need to learn that I don't need to have a definitive statement to express how I truly feel right? ;o] I mean I AM the one typing duh Jackielou! hehehe Anywhoots THANKS to you all and it sure does mean a lot to me. Though we all have never met in my perspective I truly do consider you guys already my everyday friends who are there everytime I turn on my computer.
In other news....
  Ok so it was such a long H.O.T day today but thank gudness wasn't too hot where the kids and I spent the day...La aunts house. My baby cuzins had to bring a toddler to his class for observation of the Eriksons theory which is the psychosocial stages of a toddler... I hope that's right (it's been 6 yrs since I was fully studying all the theories during nursing school) So anyway that went very well and the students were all in their best behavoir hehehehe and aaws and oohs surrounding the kids (Mya and Jaemus ONLY! other students didn't take the time to bring any other toddlers) I wish I had the camera when my cuzin laid his big football helmet down for jaemus to play with, Jaemus could probably crawl up into a ball and fit himself in there. hehehe Anywhoots since the helmet was so heavy I turned it upside down so he could see inside, but what my dahlin' little boy did was bowed his head down and tried putting his head inside the helmet hehehe. Then so I helped by putting it on him and everyone in the class started crakin' up of course. I tool it off but all the students were still laughing and so HE decided to do it again but this time walk to a student who was playing with him across from me hehehe.. YES you've guessed it right he nearly flipped while tryin' to take the jainormous helmet off... It was so funny he started laughing out loud along with everyone... hehehe Thank gudness for my cuzins classmate catching him before nearly flippin' over. So that was the highlight of the school visit...
Now to the funny pictures of the kids that I just have to share with you guys... My mom bought some groceries from the Asian market last friday and brought this box of Mangoes with only 4 pcs in 'em. Wonder why only 4? this is why.....
This is how Jaemus looked like when I asked him to hang on to the mango hehehehe Child labor! And of course Mya being 3yrs old she knows picture time means 'Look Pretty' (even if the mango is super Jainormous) But get this look at what Jaemus did.... he ran away from me after taking the picture and threw like a football on the ground....
BOOM! poor JaiNorMous Mango....
Part 3 of the post FINALLY ARTSIE !
I made this card yesterday and I really wanted to use my PCS christmas kitty set so I made a birthday card. I really love the kitty comin' out of the gift box I know it suppose to be a holiday set but I'm sure it's versatile in it's own ways hehehe which is why the santa hat is seperated hehehe am I right Melissa hehehe.. (  I hope :oD) Anywhoots here are the thingamjigs...
Karen Foster DPs
My misc white CS
White beads
PCS Christmas Kitty stamp set
K & Co. black dye ink
Pinklet (heat tool of mine)
cheap colored pencils
misc brand purple gem
Michaels Ribbon
and dollar spot sentiment stamp
ok closing off with I heart you guys for all the support and inspirational juices you always share with me everyday ever since I have started bloggin'.....
hugs and more hugs,

Monday, October 6, 2008

Arigato Kudasai!

I've been waitin' for it to rain out here but seems that it only drizzled at other places and just a little tease of cold breeze around my area... :o( Anyway I bring ya guys another Girls of the world by Allison of Stmapin' when I can.. visit her blog for some inspirational juices and there she shares with you these great cliparts she's created...
I juiced the Sentiment out of one of the cards I saw witht his same clipart. I didn't really know what to put as a sentiment so I hope that person don't mind and I don't remember who it was because I was just quickly browsin' and doin' house work at the same time. Sorry...

K & co DP
Misc CS
my printer for the sentiment hehehe
Clear dew drops
Dollar spot ribbon
my cheap colored pencils...

Here's a closeup of the dew drops and Ms.Hiromi ( I named her hehehe she reminds me of my old RN supervisor) She was the nicest ever... and she was pretty new in the country's med field but she was a long itme RN in Japan so she used to carry this super fun (that i used to have onewhen I was a kid) dictionary Jap & Eng. translator... I used to love playin' with it when she was busy charting.hehehe. I like that she treated me so fair and I loved helping her cause so many people kept putting her down and I just tickled more jealousy out of those people  when I used to always help her. hehehe.
She  let me taste this Yummy sweet plum inside yummy sticky rice but I forgot what they call it was the first time Ive had it and it was yummy  ...
I luv luv Japanese food...I could eat Japanese food everyday if I had the most extra money to buy them everyday. hehehe. When I used to work in the City (Santa Monica) I used to always go to Nijiya Market and all the workers there pretty much kinda knows my face as their frequent Filipina shopper hehehe. But the Hawaiian style sashimi POKE ooohhh mmmmm YUM-O... I make my own kind where I don't have too much salt or soy sauce and I used freshly made seaweed salad hehehe (I cheat) but I still add the sesame oil of course that's the key taste... But get this I mix Ahi, Salmon, and Octopus....
OMG weird post from card to name to co worker to food hehehehe
that's the post for the day...
Havin' some rough obsticles around  my life right now and I guess bloggin' about something else will be best rather than ranting about how life is letting me go through a hardship obsticle... ;o( God is always watching so I know he'll give me strength through this....X my fingers...
Hugs to you all hope everyone is havin' a blessed monday...

I'm lovin' the quote of the day....

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pink Artsie's Sunday Morning Video....more like AfternNoon! hehehe

Ok I wanted this to be posted earlier but youtube of course has too many people uploading their videos at the same time. Anywhootsies here it is the Pink Artsie's Sunday morning Video.... TADA! hahaha Why today because I started the whole card videos with sunday morning in the beginning of the video so I decided that I will just make videos to post every Sundays (hopefully) hehehe.
This card is for my baby cuzin out in Wahiawa Hawaii... He's my youngest cuzin ever. he's the son of one of my favorite uncles..I only have 2 favorite uncles and they're both far from me hehehe...Philippines and Hawaii ayah! Anyway my cuzin is 2 so I'm hoping he'll enjoy the card, though I try not to picture him ripping the cheeznits out of the bats cause I know that's the first thing he'll target... hehehe
  • Allison's clipart
  • my cheap colored pencils
  • Stampin' spot 'Pumpkin Pie'
  • Studio G BOO! stamp
  • Studio G sentiment Stamps
  • Marcella by K Black ink
  • Pinklet (heat tool)
  • K & Co Halloween DP
  • Misc CS
  • Dollar spot ribbon

Hope you guys enjoy the video though I have to warn you while the video was being publish on my movie maker it somehow edited a part of the 2nd song or it was moved somehow... aaahhh I didn't even realize this until I had posted it on YouTube Sorry....

Please don't forget to subscribe! it's over there on the right side of my blog hehehe... go put your email hurry.....

Thanks a bunch....