Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh How I've missed you....

OMG you guys don't know how much I've missed bloggin', it makes me feel like I'm having some kind of allergy when I think about not bloggin' and creating... I itch basically. hehehehe I start to have hives all over. hahahaha I am really happy to say though I have created a card that actually kinda is for me but not only cause I'm giving away. I'm so excited to be back to bloggin' and creating. a week break is just so painful hehehe.
I guess I'm so used to creating something everyday and when I stopped I was in a withdrawal state of mind hahaha. I wonder if they have a rehab for Artsie people? It'll proly be called Artsie Anonymus hahahaha..
So since I have finally landed a job I have been already spending money in my mind. Yes... I'm already thinking of becoming either a consultant for CTMH or a demonstrator for SU. But who knows when that will be cause of course a mommy has her priorities ya?

I really have missed bloggin' but I will write more tomorrow.... and I have only been gone for some days... wow I wonder how I will be if I don't blog or create after a month? aaaaahhhhh NIGHTMARE!

Huggies to ya all,


2 Worlds said...

Great card I love purple

Bona said...

Hi Jackielou! Love the card. Beautiful colors.

Michelle Ueligitone said...

Hey girl! Love the colors you chose! Little something on it's way to you this moring:0)! Let me know when you get it!


WhimsicalThoughts said...

LOVE the card! it's awesome!

Elena said...

Very pretty colors! Love the card and the sentiment on the card!