Saturday, October 4, 2008

Love you MoMmy...

Hehehe though I am already 26 yrs old YES I still call my mother 'Mommy' ... She means the world to me and I'm still her baby forever... hehehe.
    I was one of those girls who were not comfortable to share a lot things with their mothers while I was growing up.. But it all changed when I had kids. My mom and & I have been the best since then. And today is her special day (bday of course) and this is her birthday card... TADA!  
I used a DP from K & Co. with a design of frames with shadow pics on them. And when I saw this lady on one of them of course my mom was the person who popped up in my head. Everytime I look at it, my mother somehow pops up in my mind. So hope you guys like it. And the video debuts tomorrow. hehehe
The sentiment didn't come out that perfect so excuse the crookedness of it. hehehe.
This is how it opens...
* I tried to blur the words but no luck hehehe oh wells*



Bona said...

Love the card Jackielou. Your're so talented. Its great being close to your mommy. I'm real lucky, cause wherever I move my mom has to live near me. What would we do without our moms. Hope my girls let me do the same.heehee. Guess its a Filipino thang.

Lisa said...

Aw Jackielou this is amazing, I love the colours and the way it opens out...very different.
You are so talented and inspirational.

Jodi said...

Pretty card for your mommy! I still call my mom mommy too! I think I always will. There's something special about all of our mommies. =)