Friday, October 24, 2008

RAK from Michelle... OMG Luv luv luv luv and did I say LUV it.

OMG I was away for 2 days and looki lookie here. Here's what was waiting for me in the mail. I wa so excited of course the envelope didn't get to wait to the house on the way from the mailbox TEARIN' the package away.
Michelle is one of the sweetest bloggin' sister I have here on the bloggin' world. I'm so glad that I have become acquainted with her and her best friend Joy.... hehehehe of course via JEN YOUNG. All the island girls are oh so super duper NICE and you cannot ask for a better bloggin' friends. Even the one that's out here... Yeah that's you Maria hehehehe.
Anywhoots THANK YOU THANK YOU Michelle. I'm so behind with sending my goodies out to the sweet gals I have on my list. I guess I've been just worried or nervous with work and all. I hope to finish them tonight.
I will be creating tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I can pack up early and just keep creating till it's time to go to my mom's again for work tomorrow.
Tudalls Oodles,


Michelle Ueligitone said...

I am so glad that you liked everything, you deserve it! Just gave you an award, check out my blog:)


Catherine said...

i luv, luv, luv, luv it too.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh U lucky, lucky girl how fabby.

Elena said...

You are so lucky! Wonderful gifts!

Maria said...

Oh how sweet of Michelle to send you such cute goodies all the way from Hawaii! The love and aloha shows in all the yummy stuff she sent you!

Thanks for the shout out, Jackielou! Even if I'm here in CA, I'm a local Hawaiian sistah 100%!