Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Halloween card to all...

So it's Halloween week and I sitll have several pieces of Halloween left over waiting for me to create something. I have been orienting at work and it's killin' me that I haven't had the time to visit my artsie aura. I have been just walking and walking and walkin' and did I say WALKING! If you are a nurse I'm sure you would kow what I mean... The place where I will be working at is insane. hehehe not because they had hired such an artistic person which has nothing to do with nursing heheheh but they expect one LVN to give medications to 46 pts throughout the day till dinner time. YES.... 46! Yikes I yelled at myself silently of course when I found out. But hey thank gudness I got a call from the director today and she said OK you can be charge at night, hehehe which is of course A LOT LESS Meds to give but more likely the peak of the frequent customers of PAIN MEDs. Won't I love that. hehehe. The good thing I'm hoping to be able to do is BLOG! I will be bringin'  my PINKY  (that pink laptop up there) as my toy for the night. Just hope no one steals it from me though I will be keeping it the lock cabinet of the station. Anywhoots. let's get back to the card I finished yesterday after work....
I decided to name her only because she really looks like a Harriet. hehehehe. to me at least.
Here's the thingamajigs:
Stampin' Spots
Studio G's Alphabets
Scallop circle punch
Circle punch (don't know the size cause it was done by someone else hehehe)
Micheal's Ribbon
Misc CS
Marcella by K Halloween DP
So since I have started work I have been feelin' a bit blah about not creating so much like everyday before. I've decided I will cut out all the DPs and CSs I need to make a card and I will just do challenges for now until I get the hang of all the full time work and mommy thing. I guess kinda hard only because I live 60 miles away from the work place and my loser self don't drive (well it's not like there's an extra car to used anyway). Okie doks thanks everyone for still visiting the pink artsie though I have not been able to create as much I hope you guys still visit.
Huggies and super more hugs,


Bona said...

Cute card. I received your ATC's today. Awesome job. Thank you.

Margie said...

Harriet is adorable! Cute card :)
Good luck at the new job!!!
xoxo, margie

Debbie said...

Gorgeous Halloween card Thanks for playing along this week, Hugs debbie x

Dawne said...

I love the ribbon on this! Great job on the card!!

Joy said...

halloween is in the air...I can really start to feel it...can't wait till Christmas though =)

Elena said...

Awesome card! Don't be so stressed out with your work! Just think what you will buy first for your crafting!
I wish I could have a job! Miss being without it...

Michelle Ueligitone said...

Harriet is such a cutie!

Bona said...

Hiya Jackielou!

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Catherine said...

this is just too cute. Actually she reminds me of Spongebob teacher.. which i can't remember right now...LOL!

Maria said...

LOL! She does look like a Harriet. WEll, your Harriet is a major cutie, for sure. Very adorable Halloween card. I can understand you haven't been in the mood to create after you've started working. You must be tired and very busy!! It's okay, crafting should be because you want to do it, not because you have to do it.

Take care!

Teri said...

I just love this card! Where did you get the image of "Harriet" from? Love it! and your pink