Saturday, January 31, 2009

Little C's Valentine's Sale...

***Attention Stamp-a-holics***
Little C's is havin' a luvee dubee sale over at
15% Off on ALL Magnolia Stamps & Hanna Stamps currently in stock!!
Sale Prices are Marked.
Just Click HERE  
  -------> Little C's <-------
Sale Ends While Supplies Lasts, or til' February 16th, 2009
So if I were you I would shop till your card stops workin' hahahaha

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can't wait...

So today I received my tracking number for my SU order... hehehehe I was so excited cause it's arriving tomorrow. I thought it was goin' to take forever cause I was too cheap and chose the cheapest S&H. hahaha. Anywhoots I can't wait to see them, I mean I only ordered a little bit yet I'm still excited hahaha. Today the kiddies are just too sick to go out and plus Santa Ana Winds are blowin' like KaRayZee out here. They're still a bit sick and all they wanna do is cuddle up with their soft pillowee Mommy-o heehehe. I got to work on 2 cards today well finished one and the other one is that one down there...
Anywhootsies *REMINDER* to all those who loves a challenge... You all are welcome to the Little C's weekly challenges for a chance to show your Artsieful skills and also for a chance to win some cool prices that Jen blesses the winners... Starting on 2.3.09 Please check out our blog @ Little C's Blog... Owned by Jen Young of Pieces of me. Visit her store @  there's a great Valentine Sale goin' on right now... And believe me there is no other site that can beat her S&H prices... well as far as I know hahahaha. But take my word for it yeah...hheheheheeh!

Okie dokie... gots to go back to reading.... Kids are Sleepin' already ( been sleep)
Huggaroonies to all......

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anotha ATC stand...

Here's another ATC stand that I decided to make this past weekend... I had a few hard card boards to use up so I decided to make another ATC stand... hehehee.. Happy Hump Day to all!
here's the back part of it, Just wanted to show the ribbon I had put in between so it'll be steadier... is that even a word...hehehe it kinda sound weird...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to the world!

Just a quickee! hehehe wanted to post this super adorable card that I came up with hahaha super adorable... I really love the DPs that I used sorry for bein' so cocky... OMG such nasty vocabs today... hahaha... I gues the card is meant for a homecoming of a new baby in town.... Whoo hoo.. I just found this studio G set somewhere in my drawers, after clearing out some of the freakin' junks that I didn't really need in the tiny craft room of mine.. Okie doks.. hope everyone is havin' a blessed Tuesday!

Oh yes I'd like to invite everyone out there who are still not following Little C's Blog... start following cause the Weekly challenges will be starting on the 3rd of Feb... which is ah next week... So go go Go!..
And be on the look out for Divas take on the challenges... I mean you know, check out all the Divas creations when the challenges starts..Okie dokie artichokees.

Happy Tuesday again...


Monday, January 26, 2009

Chipboard Mania...

So this month on Bona's ATC club we are doing a little cute creation with the ATCs. This month we are to choose a letter from the words LIVE, LOVE, SCRAP... and I chose V ... So in order for this artsie creation to come together 13 people had to participate. Oh another twist to the challenge is that we could only use 3 colors (Pink, Black, and White) that way when we put all the ATCs it will all kinda match.. So anywhoots.... I had no idea how to go upon my ATC but thank gudness something came up... hehehehe. So I bought myself 13 boxes of Heidi Swapp's Raw chipboards... Talk about Chipboards Mania... Funy thing is I LOVE CHIPBOARDs... hehehe so it was kinda fate for me to get them hahahaha. Thanks Bona for the idea.... I also bought myself JAInorMus Florals... hehehe I didn't think they were that big but they are so adorable I can't wait to use them on my scrap pages....
Anywhoots that's all for now.....

Friday, January 23, 2009

SPAM-Lentine Can....

So here it is ... I couldn't wait for my lovely blings... but maybe when they arrive I will add them on... Happy Friday to all. Aloha Friday to my Island sisters....
I used one of my misc. dps and chipboards and ribbon from TARGET. Still working today and hoping to finish everything and have a pleasant day, ya.
I didn't know what I should put in this can until I decided to have it for my markers. I also lined the inside with the same ribbon so I won't scratch the markers... heheheh Anyway I still gots the cheap markers.. hehehe Someday I'll be able to afford myself some COPICs. Someday...
Okie doks.... blog y'all latah....


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy CupCake Day

Hey everyone Happy Thursday... I had finally played with the lovely papers that Maria B. had sent to me. Of course it was so beautiful I REALLY REALLY didn't want to use it cause I thought every single one of the DPs were just so adorable... hehehehe. I had only 3 hours to come up with something. And this was the best... hehehe well almost the best. If I didn't have to do any laundry maybe even better.. hehehehe
It was my sissy in law's b-day last 14th and I made her this super fast card and I didn't even realize one of the dps didn't match hehehe. that's the one that has the stamp Happy Birthday. Anywhoots here it is... Hope you all are havin' a blessed day and I am here at work... But I gots the magic touch to post (prepost in other words... ) hehehehehehe.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost Premier... aaaahhhhh

So Sister Jen of Pieces of me asked me once about LOST. I watched the reruns of last season. And I am so so happy to come aboard the new season and start following it. hehehehe. So I'm so glad to have watched some of the last season so I kinda kinda get it.. hehehe So addicting I tell ya..
Oh I love this song from Twilight...Just so aaaahhhh Edward is so H.O.T. hahaha yet he is the opposite. hehehe
ok that's today's post.

My finished Scrapbook in a BOX...

So I had to dig the Photo box for a group of pictures and here's what I found... Our little lovey girls first trip to Santa Catalina Island. I was so amazed that she didn't throw up on the way but she sure looked like she was about to... hehehe poor babe... I was a bad mommy-o by not buying her any antiemetic before we left. I didn't really think about it till I saw chunky face lookin' dizzy. hehehe.. Anywhootsie I had cornered the whole box and had really placed in a box. I had also altered the measurements just so I can keep it in the box.. hehehehe
So I pretty much kinda altered the whole scrapbook in a box so now it's more like JaX in a box.. hehehe
Ok toodleLooS...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

am I gonna become a TwiLighTeR...

So I have been reading the first of the 4 of the TWILIGHT SAGA.
So me being bad I've already seen the movie. After the movie I have fallen in love with the story. I really love the book right now. I can't wait to read the other ones. I think this is one of those Good movie good book thing. I think when it comes to movies/books along side of a good love story I prefer to read the book well except for the Notebook. I loved the movie and I'm still thinking of reading the book itself.. Maybe after I finish the Revolutionary Road. hehehe Anywhoots just thought I'd share some J-thoughts...
Hugs to all,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

*UPDATED* I'm a new DIVA!

So I have been itching to spread the news and today we get to tell the world that we are the new divas for the next 6 months...
Little C's is an online Craft store that is run by a Diva of them all... Jen Young author of PIeces of Me... drop hug or 2 when you have the time... So anyway I had put in my app to become one of the Divas last december and BOY I was praying for it... actually wished it for Christmas hahahaha though the decision was made in January... It's still my Christmas present from ol' saint NICK... hehehe... Anywhoots I would like to take this time to introduce my fellow DIVAS.....
and of course
ME! hehehehe
Please do take some time to check the other divas and no doubt you will leave with fuill of inspirations from each and every one of them... whooo hoooo you can also find them daily on my Little C's DIVAs BLOGROLL on the side bar... K. Thanks everyone Unfortunately I kinda have to keep it a bit short cause I have a ton of clean clothes to fold before I start work tomorrow... hehehe. I do have the finish artsie scrapbook in a Box... and you will all see that tomorrow.. ToodleLOOO!
*Still Jumpin' for joy*
hugs and more hugs,

Hahaha I was so excited I accidently made a post on the Little Cs Blog rather than my own... hahahahah
Sorry Jen! Sorry Ladies....

YES best believe heheheheh... I am so so so proud to say I am now a part of the Little C's Designer Divas . Whew god knows how much I really wanted to be in Jen's Team... And the other artsie gals are just SUPER lovely... I will post more in a bit I just wanted to let everyone know hahahaha. I was too excited and I've been wanting to let the whole world know hehehehe. I'm not braggin' really just really really really really super super HAPPY! ! ! !



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thanks Arleen... big hugs to ya....

So the rules to accepting my award are as follows:

A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!

B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.


For the 10 HONEST things about me mmmm here it goes....

1. I think I've mentioned it 2x or more that I don't drive yet... I've failed 2x and I'm so scared to go behind the wheel again... But this year is another year to go go go for it... hehehehe
2. I'm really afraid of heights... I mean HEIGHTS as in towers....
3. I could rice with JUST FILIPINO ketchup mix with it... heheheh like spaghetti as my aunts says... hehehe
4. I really don't know how to put make up on... When I was in high school I would put a little here and there but never really learned how to put 'em on me pretty like them really girly girls.. hehehehe no offense k..
5.I don't like CATS sorry to all the kitty lovers out there. Not that I don't like I'm just not comfortable around them. I tend to think I'm allergic to them...
6. I super love my family... immediate of course but my mom's family from cousins to aunties & uncles to nieces and nephews.. In other words I SUPER love my mom's family since I kinda grew up with them (only until I was 10 y/o)
7. I love to watch the DOG the bounty hunter.... He's just so *sighing* "My HERO"
8. I love knowing that someone thinks I'm pretty... hehehe REALLY.. I'm not gonna lie... though I am humble with it saying "oh  no I'm so chunky how could I be pretty?" I still get a kick out of it... and get inspired to lose weight... hehehehe Hey I'm just being honest.... That's the one thing I've never told anyone hehehe now everyone knows... hehehe
9. I'm scared of horror movies but still watch them and let my mind play with me after the movie is over.. heheheheeh

Now I am suppose to pass this on to other bloggers and it said 7 so here they are.....
  1. Jen Young
  2. Michelle U
  3. Joy U
  4. Maria Bell
  5. Bona 
  6. Gracie
  7. Amy T. 
Hope you all play along and of course you don't have to if you don't want to.... hehehe

hugs to ya all,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Take on Jen Y.'s tutorial... whooo hooo Scrapbook in a box

Ok So I have been trying and tryin' to create something I haven't done so in the past and I really wanted to do this scrapbook in a box that Jen had recently posted in her lovely blog Pieces of Me . So I gave a run and here's what I came up with...
As I was making the cover for it I thought of making another cover but smaller than the orig. so that I can actually make my own box! whooo hoooo. hahaha (I'm kinda jumpin for joy cause the groove is finally seepin' through my sicky congested brain)... But Dodo me I didn't get to take a picture of the 2 tops together... Anywhoots This is just a run on the project itself and I will make the neater one tonight after everyone catches thier shut eyes....
I also wanted to put up a part of the altered spam can for MOI... I have ordered some large blings on the internet so I think I want to wait for it cause it's going to be a SPAM-lentine Day project.... or maybe sooner... hehehehehe
hugs and toodles,

Monday, January 12, 2009

UNDER CONSTRUCTION ......still in progress...

Ok I have been trying to change all the gadgets and goodies in this darn blog and nothin' has come to its right place... so the blog will be under construction till this afternoon... hahahaha. Please stay tune for the new look... YEY!...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stuffed like a TURKEY!

Ok I have called in from work 2x and my last 2 days I was scheduled to work for this pay period. Doesn't that SUCK. I am so stuffed up I literally cannot breathe through my nose AT ALL. If I try I might suffocate myself hahahah. I had told my co-workers I would go in today even if I was sick as a dog but my body just didn't let me and plus hubs was pretty upset when I said Imma try to get up to take a quick shower for work... I still have a low-grade fever of 99.8F. But lemme tell you a funny thought I had while my alarm was goin'off so loud in my sensitive ears.... While my alarm was goin' off I was thinking, "Ok Imma get up go downstairs and fry me some yummy sunny side up eggs and warm me up some rice and put some filipino ketchup on it... then make some super coffee (with lots of cream no sugar added) as I call it"  Then I turn around and snoozed my alarm again.. and I hear my little boy telling his daddy,"Daddy seep (sleep in big people world)..." and my husband said, "Next time tap daddy and say 'DADDY!'" So so funny my little Jae did say it after daddy... He said, "DADDY!" at the top of his lungs hahahaha. Cute ya? I think so.....
So movin' on to my card for sunday... I wish I could have made a video for the P.A.S.M. hahaha pasm... sounds funny... PINK artsie sunday morning in other words... But really I'm glad I could even post right now... It's good that our loft is only outside or bedroom... hehehehehe... but sux that my pinkie (my pink laptop) is kinda broken, kinda only because I think it's the charger port that is broken not the laptop itself... well it is the laptop charger port.... hahahah if that made any sense to you guys.....
Ok here's the card...
It was my high school friends b-day last 1.4.09 and I was invited to his get together last 1.3.09 but of course with me not driving and also kinda a busy mommy-o right now I didn't go. So I had decided to make him a card...and maybe send it off whenever he emails me back with his address... hahahaha
Here are the Thingamajigs:
PCS QT hooty set
my cheap wal-mart buttons
Ribbons from Michelle U.
DPs from DCWV from Jen Y.

as for me I think I'll create a whole bunch of things today.... Whoo hooo.... Only after staying in bed for maybe half day or so...or maybe I'm gonna be playing nurse here at home cause I think I got everyone else kinda sick.... booo hoooo....


Friday, January 9, 2009

Sick as a CUTE DOG...

OMG I can't believe how painful a sore throat can be... I've popped 2 babies out with no epidurals but DARN this sore throat feels way worst... hahaha. YUCK! (just coughed up something really green) hahaha I know kinda yuck but hey who doesn't cough up like that... Anywhoots I've been MIA most of the time recently only because I'm trying to get my blog groove back... I've been super bummed lately and one good news kinda made everything else look like beautiful STINKY flowers on the side... Ya know what I mean... The good news is what's keeping me kinda happy though right now I'm so so sick...
Hubs had to stay home for the kiddies... so I will try to post my new card later on tonight.... but for now here's a cute puppic...



Thursday, January 8, 2009

Peppermint Bark! YUMmmmm

Got a wonderful RAK from Marie... here it is....
Don't you love her lovely Card.... and boy that Ghirardelly did not last an hour... hahahaha LOVE it... Thanks Marie... Hope you like what I've sent you as well... hehehehe I think it will kinda crack the hell outta ya... Here's Marie's card....
Ain't it lovely... so beautiful and PINK hehehe that's me....
anywhoots. I've got so many things to catch up on so I will keep all previous post quick and short.... hahahaha

huggies to all the lovely people in the bloggin' world... and maybe to those who are not as lovely as us too... hehehehe

Friday, January 2, 2009

FAB BLOG! Thanks Sara

Here are the rules:

1. Link back to the one who presented this award to you.Thanks Sara!

2. Pass it on to (5) other blogs and link to them as well.

3. Inform the recipients

4. List (5) things you are addicted to.

 here are my 5 addictions:

1. Paper Crafts (OF COURSE)

2. Singing... relentlessly....hehehehe

3. Shopping @ TARGET

4. My Filipino Soaps (though I haven't really gotten the chance to watch them for 2 wks)

5. BLOGGIN' (duh! )

... and here are my fab 5, in no particular order

  1. Jen of Pieces of Me
  2. Lisa of Craftbugs
  3. Marie of Aloha and Mabuhay
  4. Joann of Cozy Couch
  5. and Maria Bell of Stampin' Inspirations

Thank you as always for your kind words and inspiration!