Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost Premier... aaaahhhhh

So Sister Jen of Pieces of me asked me once about LOST. I watched the reruns of last season. And I am so so happy to come aboard the new season and start following it. hehehehe. So I'm so glad to have watched some of the last season so I kinda kinda get it.. hehehe So addicting I tell ya..
Oh I love this song from Twilight...Just so aaaahhhh Edward is so H.O.T. hahaha yet he is the opposite. hehehe
ok that's today's post.


Margie said...

Lost who? hee, hee - I still haven't watched since the 3rd episode! 0:)
Ha! I knew you'd get hooked onto Twilight!!! ;)

Eve said...

Hi Jackie-
LOVE your blog! Yes yes yes!
LOST is the best. I have watched all the seasons- and I am still LOST! There are so many little details that you don't always pick up!
Keep watching it will all come together!

Maria said...

I'm from Hawaii but I've never watched Lost. LOL!! I'm a CSI girl and I also love watching Supernatural! Maybe I'll check it out one day but I'm not much of a TV watcher!

Have fun watching your show!!