Sunday, August 31, 2008

Inspired by Jen Young....;oD

So Ms.Jen Young (Little C's Super Diva) inspired me to put this picture up since I have not done any artsie for the past 3 days...(*sigh*) Well since I'm back on the pc... that means I have done most of the weekend chores & almost ready for the weekdays. Anywhoots check out Jen's blog it's lots of fun & visit her Little C's store as well.. She made a turtle card and it reminded me of our pet turtles..(though our turtles are both boys) I am just having dinner right now, kiddies are spending time with the grandma & grandpa till tomorrow , which they totally love... My time to make a video right? heheheh YES! Okie doks 
There they are.. Boom Boom & Bam Bam (bet you're wondering what in the googlee Mooglee kind of pet names are those...)  My Daughter named them when she was 1yr 11mos. hehehehe

Blog ya again in a little bit,

Friday, August 29, 2008

My ALOHA RAK card for Deb..

This is the card that I had made for my first RAK club (JT's ALOHA RAK CLUB)... I have not yet finished my LCWC #6 so I wanted to post this one first since Deb had already receieved it hehehe. Hope everyone will have a super duper fun weekend....


Friday Hugs to all,

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank You!!!

Here's a card that I made along with the others I gave out the other day. I've finally used those leather flower sets I had gotten gazillion years ago, hehehe. Then I stamped with the Dollar spot by TARGET, I also used a couple buttons from the Wal-mart button collection hehehehe. I'm actually trying to get myself to start a card for my father-in-law, I have some inpirations that I really want to try out & we'll see by this afternoon if I can start on something.
For now... Oh Marion I hope you feel better prego lady... hehehe. I can't tell you I know how you feel cause when I was preggy my morning sickness was actually SUPER EARLY as in between 1am -4am.... hahahaha that was my problem when I was preggy both times. But hope you feel better.
Jen Young... I'm your first follower whooo hooo. I love that following thing I can just browse on the dashboard hehehe.
To all..... Thursday hugs to you.....


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mix Page...

So I was going through the pictures that I will be posting everyday for the about maybe 2 weeks or so.. hehehe cheating? nah I do the pages everyday so it's not... heheheh Anyway I haven't had the chance to print any of the pictures so I don't have them in their pages. So This post will be about a mix interactive & handy crafty. This was from a party about 1 month and a half ago. My husband was bored out of his mind & so he wanted to make miserable with making the pictorial hell. heheheheheh
I had added the pictures with adobe photshop while trying to make the page brighter. Hopefully I can print them pictures soon so I can place it in the book. hahahaha.
Hope everyone is having a pleasant Wednesday...

Thanks to you...

So I made this card to match the box that I posted yesterday. I made it around 3 in the morning & didn't even realized that I should have taken a picture of it with the waterfall down. so I only have these two pictures for it....But when you pull it all the way the sentiment inside says "Thanks to you"

I hope everyone likes it though. i love these set of DP from making memories casue it has a combo color of pink & brown & I think green...



Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reflection of yourself...

So last night I was of course bloggin' & browsin around as usual since the kids were put to bed by their daddy-o, read a post that I totally connected with & thought about it even deeper
than I thought. Anywhootsies... I'm totally back up with house chores since we're having a family day on a TUESDAY! hehehe. So here's the post of the day. I made this box to fit all the cards i've made for hubzee's co worker...


(I'm on a box roll, can you tell hehehehe)

I will post the waterfall card to match this box as the top card when she opens it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Karate + Shoe lace ???

My kids got a hold of hubzies new shoe laces from TARGET... And this is what they wanted to do with it....

My babies are so big already I'm starting to feel old hehehehehe. I'm in the process of doing a video of a set of ATC's for the month of September for A piece of crafts ATC club. & I will probably start my Aloha RAK too....

Anywhootsies... Fun loving sites to check out & get inpired....

Enjoy and happy Monday to all.....


Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Card Box...

Artsie hugs,

Big Girls Don't Cry....

Ok So I have been working my koo koo a*s off in finishing my first ever craft video so I can get into the motion with everyone else... & as I was trying to publish the damn movie..... BAM! Gone.... *because it took too much space I accidentally pressed the wrong button & deleted the whole video & all is left is the gorgeouse dancing music I added.... :o(

I wanted to cry so bad *but of course I wasn't* that half of saturday & 3 hours of Sunday is all PERMANENTLY DELETED. Unbelievable... So the only thing that I can resort to is to put up the pictures I took of the damn box.... ggggggggrrrrrr. *breathe Jackie* hehehe.

So this a Card box for 5 x 7 cards... I usually do 5 x 7 cards so I started with this size. I will try to make a smaller one for the standard card size & this time with a video for sure... hehehe.
Card Box for 5 x 7 cards

Inspirational juice from Jenn M. of Kiyomi Krafts


2 Neutral Cardstocks

2 color coordinate Design papers

Double sided tape or glue

*and whatever embellishment you would like to add..

Box Cover Measurement 12" x 7 3/4"

  • 1 7/8"

  • 3 1/4"

  • 8 3/4"

  • 10 1/8"
Gap CoverMeasurement 4 1/2" x 7 3/4"
(used to cover the gap of the cover.)

Pull out Box uses the whole 12" x 12"

Length side(choose a side)
3 1/4
8 3/4"

Width side
11 1/4"

The picture shows where you do your cuts.

Thought about writing the instructions but I would really rather do a video since it kinda looks complicated with the whole pictures & text. So I guess I will just try again later tonight.

For now I will post the rest of the pictures on the next post & if anyone has a question please just comment & I will do my best to email the intructions to you (that's only if I don't get to do the video.) hehehehe.

But of course as always you're welcome to leave an artsie hugsie comment. I'm sure all bloggers feel me on this... We love them inspirational comments you all leave.

Much artsie love,

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Another Kristina challenge. A sketch challenge that is... Remember to visit her site & spread some artsie hugs & artsie inspiration.... I sure do love those... I can't believe how fun this bloggin' thing is.... hehehe. Anywhootsies... here it is...

Hooe you all enjoyed it & I did one more of the color inspirations but I haven't taken a pic of it... Oh these challenges & inspirations are so fun... heheheh Then I should be uploading some 8 x 8 pre-made pages I'm still working on...
So show/spread some artsie hugs by leaving some inpirational words or just a plain ol' artsie hugs...
*You're right Jenn... I'm lovin' the bloggin' world... hehehehehe*

Color Inpiration #18

Of course I had to try this one. I love the whole fun colors together... It's like playing with skittles on paper. hehehehe.

Kristina is so great with these color inspirations...

She also has her Make a Card Monday... So check her site every monday or everyday for super great inspirations....

Here's mine....
Look at my Peachee Nurse there.... hehehe

Noodle Toodles,

Friday, August 22, 2008

Color Combo problem? Here's the answer...

So have you ever stood or sat in front of your craft table & stared at a bunch of DP & CS "thinking what color combo should I pull out today? mmmmhhh" Well well I found a site called Scraptitude & I found this.... I haven't seen it in a lot of blogs sites but this person is smart to pull this together.. Anyway it is I believe all the colors of both craft company Stampin' Up & CTMH in a automatic or manual color combination thingamajig. I don't know what to really call it but anywhootsies here they are have fun with them & Thank you to the person who built this thingamajig.... I think it is a big help for those who tends to blank out when all the colors are in front of them... hehehe like me sometimes... heheheh...
You guys will love this you can use the Surprise me button to get a random picked colors or you can put colors together yourself.
Please leave a comment or email me if you have a problem accessing the site. I'll try to help as best I can.
Okie Dohks....

12 x 12 that needs some picture lovin'

This is the pair of another 12 x 12 that I am actually retouching since the flower I had on it really looked phunky... So I will post it as soon as I finish it.
Look there's the flower on the lower left. I had done this page who knows when and yet I still don't have any pictures to occupy it. The first page says the Happy part of the sentiment, so all together it says " happy go lucky"
Anywhootsies, I will post more of the other pages I had done in the past & I hope it will collect some good inspirational words...

Kristina Werner Designs.....

So here's the color challenge....

I did so many layerings but I think it came out fine & artsieful....
here's my card.

Hope you all like it.... I guess it's a Wedding theme...
Cheers to all !!!!

Cutie Pie....

I've been experimenting with lots of scraps lately & Kristina from had reminded me of a technique that I had done before but only on scrapbooks. I saw her YouTube video maybe awhile back but I never tried to do a card. Anywhoots here is the video...

So I've tried it for the first time on a card project. and Voila!

The scallop scissor cut on the top looks whack cause I took this picture @1am & I think I was slanting the Digicam so it's kind of crooked looking. I've actually changed the sentiment from "Cutie Pie" to " You're one in a million" ..... I think I still need to perfect the technique though I think this card still is a cutie patootie...


I suck at making videos hahahahaha. Nah I just don't know have any gadgets to keep the darm camera above me so everytime I take it it's slanted over the desk & I think it just looks retarted. I'm still editing the darn video since I took the longest I have to cut so many parts due to continuous interruptions. The video is for the card I'm going to submit to Kristina for her color challenge. I will post it later on tonight when I have the video somewhat ready.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Card Video....

Hubzy bought me a new Dell last week & I was expecting it to have all sorts of new thingamajigs for everything right? So I turned on the PC & BAM! Nada pornada.... hahahaha It came with Vista Home Basic but no Microsoft office programs or any picture editing thingamajig like Microsoft Picture it... But of course it's ok because it has a bunch of space so I'm guessing the space is for all the other things that are missing hehehe.
I had finally installed the driver for the super cutie web cam I've gotten on eBay, after 2 hrs of trying to figure out what was wrong, finally got it to work. So the BIG Shananigan is that I'm going to try to make a video while making the Pop up card that I saw from Jenn's blog. I just don't quite know yet which stamp set I will be using.
Anywhootsie I'm gonna try to get it started as soon as I finish my other projects that I have been laggin' for weeks.


HOOOpe you feel better soon...

It's Wednesday already & I didn't really get the time to finish my get well soon card that I wanted to last Sunday instead finished it on Monday. Anywhootsies here is a card that I had done with Pink cat studio stamps that I've received from a group of stamped images from eBay. I did what I can with my colored pencils since I don't have much better markers to work with.
So anyhow I made this card for Jenn M. of
Kiyomikrafts, as what her hubby said down but not out at this time. I'm an avid fan of hers hehehehe. I love her crafting all the way. She puts the whole card making to the max level of it all. hahahaha. Sounds exaggerated but I truly love EVERY art that she has done & the tutorials are just amazingly knowledgable if you really love crafting. I guess you can she's my idol when it comes to the artsie world.


QT Hooty stamps

K & Company DP
ColorBok baby pink CS
Sheer Ribbon fr. craft outlet in DTLA
* To all that hadn't seen the before card of the Hoooope you're better soon.... here it is..... This is the first run.... Thanks Teri for the comment, I still wasn't satisfied so I had to change it.

This is the AFTER revision.... eheheheh!!!

*So I had to revise the whole card since it really looked bad with the whole crooked ribbon slots on the side. So here is a better one that I think looks much much better than the first one I had. *

Okie dohks... the slots on the side where the ribbon is ar sorta crooked casue I was in a rush at the end since the kids were about to get up from their nap hahahaha. I might give it another try later on then I will probably change this picture so I can post a better card hahahaha.