Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank You!!!

Here's a card that I made along with the others I gave out the other day. I've finally used those leather flower sets I had gotten gazillion years ago, hehehe. Then I stamped with the Dollar spot by TARGET, I also used a couple buttons from the Wal-mart button collection hehehehe. I'm actually trying to get myself to start a card for my father-in-law, I have some inpirations that I really want to try out & we'll see by this afternoon if I can start on something.
For now... Oh Marion I hope you feel better prego lady... hehehe. I can't tell you I know how you feel cause when I was preggy my morning sickness was actually SUPER EARLY as in between 1am -4am.... hahahaha that was my problem when I was preggy both times. But hope you feel better.
Jen Young... I'm your first follower whooo hooo. I love that following thing I can just browse on the dashboard hehehe.
To all..... Thursday hugs to you.....


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