Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hanna Montana & High School Musical

I made this yesterday for hubzys co-workers daughter. Hubzy gave it to his co-worker today hopefully she liked it. I made a mistake with the size calculation & I had glued it on a hard cardboard so goofie me I forgot and still I tried to cut it to the right size and messed up; because of the cardboard hahahaha. I really like it though if I was ten & in love with those characters Shoot... I'd put this on my wall hahahaha.

Nah really, I wasn't too happy with this project since I don't have any stencils to be cutting accurate circles & cutting those magnets man I'd rather cut rubber & mount stamps than these magnets again. hehehe.
Ok well off to make my other projects. Hubzy just finished this bread spread that was in a super cute bottle, so I cleaned it up & dried still thinking of a great way to design it for the RAK.


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