Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stampin' Up might be it...

I had so much fun putting my first stamp set together I'm leaning towards SU. hehehe here they are.... all done....


Oh if I may add, I discovered something today in regards to poking them lovely holes on the cards or scrapbooks. Yesterday my aunt gave 2 OLD OLD mouse pads my cuzins are dunzo with & was about to throw then I thought wow this is thick enough to use as a self healing kinda mat for pokie poking crafts. So I tried it out earlier when I quickly made 2 b-day cards for my 2 aunties for today. And whatta ya know TADA.... Mouse pads are actually self healing when you use it with da kind ( sorry I forgot the name of the tool).... hehehe anyway the poking tool... hehehe. I wonder if my blog have any readers... hehehe I guess it takes time right. But I'm lovin' it like what Jenn said.

Hahaha Now I remember the name of the poking tool..... is it the piercing tool ??? still not that sure... hahaha

Ciao Bella,

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Jennifer Muraoka said...

Great discovery! I'm glad you figured it out! haha. It does make life a lot easier doesn't it!?