Wednesday, August 20, 2008

HOOOpe you feel better soon...

It's Wednesday already & I didn't really get the time to finish my get well soon card that I wanted to last Sunday instead finished it on Monday. Anywhootsies here is a card that I had done with Pink cat studio stamps that I've received from a group of stamped images from eBay. I did what I can with my colored pencils since I don't have much better markers to work with.
So anyhow I made this card for Jenn M. of
Kiyomikrafts, as what her hubby said down but not out at this time. I'm an avid fan of hers hehehehe. I love her crafting all the way. She puts the whole card making to the max level of it all. hahahaha. Sounds exaggerated but I truly love EVERY art that she has done & the tutorials are just amazingly knowledgable if you really love crafting. I guess you can she's my idol when it comes to the artsie world.


QT Hooty stamps

K & Company DP
ColorBok baby pink CS
Sheer Ribbon fr. craft outlet in DTLA
* To all that hadn't seen the before card of the Hoooope you're better soon.... here it is..... This is the first run.... Thanks Teri for the comment, I still wasn't satisfied so I had to change it.

This is the AFTER revision.... eheheheh!!!

*So I had to revise the whole card since it really looked bad with the whole crooked ribbon slots on the side. So here is a better one that I think looks much much better than the first one I had. *

Okie dohks... the slots on the side where the ribbon is ar sorta crooked casue I was in a rush at the end since the kids were about to get up from their nap hahahaha. I might give it another try later on then I will probably change this picture so I can post a better card hahahaha.



Teri said...

Hi Jackie Lou! I'm so glad I looked to see if you had a blog! I love this card you made for're so thoughtful!! Cute owl!

Melissa said...

So cute!! Great job!

Jennifer Muraoka said...

Hiyooo! Ahhhh, thank you! You're such a sweetie! And honey, when I grow up I hope to be as gorgeous and sweet as you!!! lol. Really! Thanks for the sweet words. I'm blushing right now. ***blush blush*** You're truly such a sweetheart! I wish you could move here. I have a feeling if you were in Hawaii we would rock as BFFs! Hot mamas! haha. Anyhoot, thanks for always visiting me and leaving a TON of comments. I love it so much! I truly value your opinion as I think you are just as talented. I hope you're having fun blogging. It's work! haha. Okay, love you lots, Jenn