Sunday, August 31, 2008

Inspired by Jen Young....;oD

So Ms.Jen Young (Little C's Super Diva) inspired me to put this picture up since I have not done any artsie for the past 3 days...(*sigh*) Well since I'm back on the pc... that means I have done most of the weekend chores & almost ready for the weekdays. Anywhoots check out Jen's blog it's lots of fun & visit her Little C's store as well.. She made a turtle card and it reminded me of our pet turtles..(though our turtles are both boys) I am just having dinner right now, kiddies are spending time with the grandma & grandpa till tomorrow , which they totally love... My time to make a video right? heheheh YES! Okie doks 
There they are.. Boom Boom & Bam Bam (bet you're wondering what in the googlee Mooglee kind of pet names are those...)  My Daughter named them when she was 1yr 11mos. hehehehe

Blog ya again in a little bit,

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