Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Card Video....

Hubzy bought me a new Dell last week & I was expecting it to have all sorts of new thingamajigs for everything right? So I turned on the PC & BAM! Nada pornada.... hahahaha It came with Vista Home Basic but no Microsoft office programs or any picture editing thingamajig like Microsoft Picture it... But of course it's ok because it has a bunch of space so I'm guessing the space is for all the other things that are missing hehehe.
I had finally installed the driver for the super cutie web cam I've gotten on eBay, after 2 hrs of trying to figure out what was wrong, finally got it to work. So the BIG Shananigan is that I'm going to try to make a video while making the Pop up card that I saw from Jenn's blog. I just don't quite know yet which stamp set I will be using.
Anywhootsie I'm gonna try to get it started as soon as I finish my other projects that I have been laggin' for weeks.


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