Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whooo Hooo... RAK club Here I come.....

Whoooo HOooo. hahaha I sound like the WAMU commercial. Well of course my blog title gave it away. YES I'm totally in IN the JT's FUN RAK club for the month of August. So I was just checking my kiddies in their room since they had just got down for their sweet little Mommies time nap, I past by our loft area where our computer is & decided to check my email ( I mean of course I was waiting for Jen's email. hehehe) And there it was BOOm BOom.. Sweet Mrs. Jen Young saying I was in the RAK for this month. I was so happy I forgot what I was going to do prior to checking my email. Hehehe. Even until now I still can't remember. Well I know I just can't wait to do this RAK. It's my first time & to do it with JT's Fun Rak club makes it even better cause from reading a few from all the members or just all the bloggers around Jens blog, I know that all are great people. Here are some of the cards I've done.

This was personalized for my hubs's co-workers son.
I had so much fun making this one cause of the banner
& the lion was a sticker I had stuck on a card stock so I can put it
on a pop-up foam. Isn't it cute...

This one was also personalized for the hubs's co-worker.
This card was actually really plain but the hubs wanted me to be
more creative & personalize it so I did. hehehe

Here's are my 2 faves I gave the hubzy

He had it in his side table drawer & it was all mixed up with other papers so they might not be in the same condition as when I first made it. hehehe..

I guess I just have to add another element for the rest of the pictures. I don't quite know how to watermark these though. hahah again I'm a newbie at this blogging thing so if there is anyone at all that reads my blog Help! ! ! ;oD

God Bless...

Ciao Bella,


Jennifer Muraoka said...

First time to your blog! So from one nurse to another, ALOHAAAA! I hope you're enjoying the bloggin' world; it's lots of fun and you're sure to meet some lovely people along the way. Your work is so clean and beautiful. I'm lovin' it. Let's keep in touch! Lotsa hugs, Jenn... BTW, OMG you're gorgeous!!!

Marion said...

I love the little lion super cute!