Sunday, November 2, 2008

Need 2 visit the Geek Squad

YES the geek squad. I keep all my things and such in a freakin' memory stick and the casing broke so it damaged the inside... Darn PNY... hehehehe. I have my whole history in there hehehehehe. I hope they can still fix it.
Anywhoots I haven't done a video for 3 weeks now and I don't think I will be until I get some things fixed up here in my pink artsie corner. I have been working and have only been making cards but not posting since I had forgotten my camera here @ the house. So I will post a couple cards I made awhile back but I wasn't sure if I should until the person receives it. Anywhoots I miss crafting here at home, it's so diff when you craft somewhere else and you don't have all the goodies and such by your side on hand.

Work was kinda Blah! on the last day, they had me orient on one station for the first part of the shift then just because I have been an LVN for some time they thought they could play me around with passin' over at the other station.. AyyAaya I tell you. I finished passing my 9pm at 1030 cause I had to change a Uckkee yucky to you all 'Colostomy leak' hehehehe sorry to those you have very week tummies ya... I didn't know that a nurse should be oriented for 15 days if they were new grads... Anywhoots so since I am goin' to be an all around nurse; well not really all around but a NOC charge and Treatment nurse I orient for 15 days hehehehe. can you believe the fun of orienting for 15 days? that's a whole pay period of training. My gosh I just hope I do well in the end. All I really need to do is get use to the routines and the patients. I'm sure I'll do fine as long as I keep my PEP up no matter what hits me... I'm usually the peppiest person you'll meet in a nursing home. I don't mean to be I just want to have a better time at work than those who are just around to get paid cause nursing pays well and gets them Signature handbags or a Benz/Beemer. I learn to have fun with my job when I'm there and just need to learn to forget it when I'm not. hehehehe. I tend to take it home when stupid things like GOSSIP interferes. I really would love to craft more even if I have a full time job now. So that means I need to learn better time management. Anyone wanna help me? hehehe nah I know I'M the only who can fix that... hehehe. NO! maybe you all can give me some advice on how I should start, let's see......  
So my hits are up to 800+ already and YES I will be doing a BLOG Candy  thingamajig when I hit the grand... ooohhh how exciting. I can't wait... I don't know when that will be but I will sure have one when I hit it.
I'm so happy that I got to visit and comment on some of the super girls I love to visit and who inspires me daily ....  Oh how I miss bloggin'.... can you tell?  My post feels like it's never goin' to end. hehehehe

So tudalls for now....

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Maria said...

Oooh, 15 days of training. . .how fun! LOL! It is quite boring following someone around for 2 weeks.

Hey, I'm an RN but I could never afford a Benz. ..must be because I spent all my money on craft stuff! LOL!

It's great that you have a happy attitude especially working with the elders. They need the sunshine. If I had my parents in a nursing home, I would definitely would love to have you as their nurse.

Congratulations on almost hitting you 1000 mark! Whoohoo, how exciting. I still remember my first 1K. Af for not being able to blog regularly. . .not to worry, we'll still be here