Monday, November 24, 2008

PINK meeh card stand

So last week I had made up my tiny ATC stand with cardboards and DPs... So this week I thought of making a bigger version for my sweet cards... hehehe... I had a card board which came from my daughters PINK pillow cases... (from TARGET of course) and I stared at it for at least 3 minutes thinking "What can I do with this?" Then BOOM! easel stand wanna be... I added a piece of ribbon between the boards so it doesn't open up all the way like those picture frames... hope you guys know what I'm talking about... I will try to make a tutorial hopefully next week since my work schedule is just plain sour BULL smacks since I had to cover up someone who quit during their orientation.... hahaha Have you guys ever seen that? Quit during orientation... I guess she was really overwhelmed with all the things she was going to do... So she made a fantastic move...hahaha unlike MOI! desperate for a job hahahaha. j/k 
Hope you guys like it.... tudalloo...

1 comment:

Elena said...

So cute! Love your new pink stand!