Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank You Ate Ruthie...

Thank you to my co-worker Ruth... She showed me the ins and outs at work... and who's the back stabbers and who are the trust worthy ones hahahaha. Just thought of her when I made this card last weekend... I used Jen's DPs again and I used a SU stamp from one of the sellers kit, of course that's not what it's called but I can't remember right now hahahah. Look I'm using my PINK stand hahahah. Okie doks not much to talk about just missing my days visiting my fave blogs and sites.... Boo hoo... so little time now... aaahhhh.



Elena said...

You co-worker will love this very nice card!
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

2 Worlds said...

Happy Thanksgiving !

Enjoli said...

What a sweet card.. Love the pink! =) Happy Thanksgiving!!

Maria said...

LOL! Who the backstabbers are!! Too funny. Hey, I hear yah!

How nice of you to give such a lovely gift to your co-worker. You are so sweet!! Your card is beautiful. . .she must have appreciated it!!