Monday, June 6, 2011

Chocolates anyone???

Last friday my daughter won her first Spelling Bee.... Congrats to you babe.. lol. I decided to give the kiddos some kind of appreciation gift to all the participants... soooooo... I bought some Cadbury Chocolates and I covered it with cute DP and printed the Congratulation from photobucket i think...

The other kids were all asking for one but of course had to explain that the Spelling Bee kids were the only ones getting them for being so good at the event. I showed these to our kindergarten teacher and she was so amazed she said I'm beyond Martha Stewart heheheh I wish... Anyway... I will post a cute card tomorrow... I made it for my daughter...I just wished I colored it differently and better of course...

Okie dokie... See ya



Jen said...

Hey Girlie! Welcome back!!! Cute covered for the candy bars, and congrats to your DD!!! Awesome she won a Spelling Bee!! how cool is that??

Big Hugs,

JackieLou said...

thanks sistah.. miss bloggin so much so I'm striving hard to craft and blog every day. lol... I'm working on my card for your Monday challenge..