Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HoooOoT HoooOT Pink Cat Studio

OMG I was so excited when my card was put into PCSs gallery.... And today I am even more excited with Melissa putting my card on the PCS blog for the Love the layout wednesday... SUPER DUPER excited. hahaha! Maybe to some of you I guess it's an ONLY kind of thing but to me who have just really started with stampin' it's a great feeling of inspiration when people like my cards,  and for Melissa (PCS owner) to put it on PCS blog... IT'S JUST TOO EXCITING... hehehehe. I knew I was goin' to be on the love the layout Wednesday but still jumped and danced for joy when I saw the post... My happiness is shallow ya... hahaha. I had my daughter askin' me  "What's wrong mom?" hahaha.
     The Pink and brown I posted yesterday is for Michelle U... Just an appreciation card. I'm sure it's not as close to what she and Joy makes but I felt I wanted to say thanks on a card... She's so creative and such an artsie gal. I would love to send it to her but don't have her address hehehehe. So Michelle if you may.. please email me your address ONLY if it's oK with ya... hehe
      I will list the Thingamajigs in a bit...
I will also post another project that I had done for my ribbons. I had turned one of my plastic container into a Ribbon box....

Wednesday Hugs,



Catherine said...

Congratulations, and yes that's way too cool!

Lisa said...

Aw Jackie Lou... thats excellent.. I am sooooo thrilled for you and it's so derserving toooo.
It's a great card and the layout I agree is fab.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you sent me your card Jackielou, it's fabulous! It was an honor to display it on my blog :)
Have a great day!

Jennifer Love said...

Congrats on getting featured! :) Happy day to you.