Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hard Candy....

Hey everyone. Hope everyone's having a great week so far. Today my kids got a hold of my moms hard candies in her purse. And what I most fear with hard candies of course is choking. And YES my daughter pretty much almost choked on the damn hardened NIPS. Gosh darn it I was crafting on the computer table and behind me is where she sits to watch Hannah Montana and she stood up and said. "Mom it's  stuck!" So I told her stop talking and patted her back and there she gagged and nearly threw up along with the candy. Whew Thank god she didn't really really choke. So that's that with the damn hard candy. hehehe what a scare huh.
       So I have been struggling with this super sickness I've acquired last month. A terrible cough and cold but almost over thank god. I have been trying to craft in my little space by the computer table but it gets really hard with the kids around. So I have been just procrastinating and crafting when I can. Here's what I've been up to.
I've made a page for the close friends I've made at my old job... CV.. and there we were labeled as Biatches cause they were jealous of course hehehehe. And of course little did they know, we were the nicest ones.. lol.. And when they see us all girls go out they say we are goin on a lesbo festival... nothing against them but it's just really funny how ignorant some people think, ya know. Anywho here's the page...

I miss creating so much even if I have to move things everytime I create I would everyday hehehehe. So hope the page is kinda nice to look at. I haven't done a page in awhile so.. hehehehe.
Have a blessed hump day.......


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