Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whooo Hooo... RAK club Here I come.....

Whoooo HOooo. hahaha I sound like the WAMU commercial. Well of course my blog title gave it away. YES I'm totally in IN the JT's FUN RAK club for the month of August. So I was just checking my kiddies in their room since they had just got down for their sweet little Mommies time nap, I past by our loft area where our computer is & decided to check my email ( I mean of course I was waiting for Jen's email. hehehe) And there it was BOOm BOom.. Sweet Mrs. Jen Young saying I was in the RAK for this month. I was so happy I forgot what I was going to do prior to checking my email. Hehehe. Even until now I still can't remember. Well I know I just can't wait to do this RAK. It's my first time & to do it with JT's Fun Rak club makes it even better cause from reading a few from all the members or just all the bloggers around Jens blog, I know that all are great people. Here are some of the cards I've done.

This was personalized for my hubs's co-workers son.
I had so much fun making this one cause of the banner
& the lion was a sticker I had stuck on a card stock so I can put it
on a pop-up foam. Isn't it cute...

This one was also personalized for the hubs's co-worker.
This card was actually really plain but the hubs wanted me to be
more creative & personalize it so I did. hehehe

Here's are my 2 faves I gave the hubzy

He had it in his side table drawer & it was all mixed up with other papers so they might not be in the same condition as when I first made it. hehehe..

I guess I just have to add another element for the rest of the pictures. I don't quite know how to watermark these though. hahah again I'm a newbie at this blogging thing so if there is anyone at all that reads my blog Help! ! ! ;oD

God Bless...

Ciao Bella,

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

JT's FUN RAK Club....

So I have been searching and searching for a group of artsy people to exchange cards with & I've finally found my first one & signed up for it. whoooooohooo. I'm so excited but I don't know yet if I had made the 20 limit cut. I hope I do. I haven't yet downloaded any of my artsies here so maybe when the kiddies are taking their daily nap I'd have some kind of time. I also need to send this site to Miss Jen Of JT's RAK Club even if it's not as good as all the other Super Artsy gals I've been reading & browsed. Anyhoots.. in other news our house looks as new as when we first moved in. *sigh* Minimal items out + daily cleaning = to Clutter free environment. hahahaha. I can't wait for my SU Stampin' Spots I should receive it today or tomorrow. I got them form ebay so of course it's not complete, the person said it's missing 2 colors but they are NEW so I hope for the best....

Last Saturday I had picked up my used stamps (SU stamps) from a demonstrator who lives 5 mins away from me. I was so happy I didn't have to spend S&H fees. She also gave me the spring & summer SU catalog. Whooo hoooo. She was so nice & accommodating since we kept on missing each other with pick up times & all. I love the catalog so much, I can't wait to start working so when I have extra money I can treat my passion for some A++++ stamps & maybe also become a Demonstrator for SU or a consultant for CTMH. I really want to do both though. If had the most extra money I probably would have purchased the whole catalog. hahahaha.

The card above was an inspiration from Kiyomi Krafts.
Jenns Artsy
She's like the Micheal Jordan of Cardmaking. hehehehe

God Bless,