Sunday, October 16, 2011

My own Bella from Washington

Hehe I indeed have my own Bella who lives in Washington State... hehehe My precious god daughter... Ysabella Teliza Jiao Bautista. Long name huh but cute... hehehe 

And how cute is she lovin' and sippin like there's no tomorrow right... Strawberry Frapp courtesy of the Mermaid Coffee shop.. hhahahaha. anywhoots it was her birthday last month and sad to say I never sent my card out because I keep making myself think I will be sending a box of things to them... which i truly do have in my bedroom sitting waiting for me to ship hehehe. Here's her birthday card....
 Then when I had some time early last week. I made another card for her for Halloween... HK image I forgot where I encountered but I know it was one of the island divas hehehe my Island sistahs. Either Michelle, Joy, or Enjoli... sorry I forget... Thank you though as always and will forever be inspired by all the beautiful artsie you all create.
Stay pretty...



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