Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rebel Lily

My first digital stamp purchased from the Greeting Farm formerly known as Pink Poison... I personally think Pink Poison was cuter.. hehehehe of course duh I'm a pink girl. Anywhootsie I got the geisha Anya and the Pretty head Lily.
    Like I've mentioned before I don't have any great markers to work with other than my cheap ones so excuse my poor coloring skills. heheheh. *side note* If anyone is intrested in selling their SU markers (still in good condition of course) I'M INTERESTED

   This was actually inspired by our Little C's Challenge for this week. I really love the way all the colors came together when I made this card. Oh yeah also this was the first project I had done takin' after the tutorial Maria Bell had done in her blog. I kinda messed up though while distressing the inside of the circle. hehehehe Sorry ... Hey it is my first take on the tutorial ... so mistakes are allowed hahahaha.
   But really guys, I really love the way this card came out... I even have it as my wallpaper on my desktop hahahaha. i guess cause I kinda think it looks like me back when I had red streaks hahaha and I DO have JaiNorMous eyes you know... hahahahah
Anywhoots I've used Little C's All Natural Accents once again here. I do recommend you check some out yourself..
Okie Doks..

Happy Hump Day to all.

I meet with the House Doctor for recommendations on our wounds today whew! Another Super nurse Rush is def. needed.

Noodles Toodles oodles,


Maria said...

Hey Jackielou! You did an awesome job with petal frame! Whoohoo!! Glad you tried the tutorial out . . .easy, huh? Love your pretty flowers and I think you did a wonderful job coloring the image!! Such a pretty card!!


Sally said...

Great card. Love your flowers

Margie said...

Cute card! Love the flowers and the bling!
She looks a lil like you ;)

Joy said...

you can't go wrong with those greeting farm images yah! but I do love the anyas better too! cute card...

Elena said...

Wow! This card is so beautiful! I love the flower around girl you created!

Rina said...

way too cool of a card.