Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday My Luvee girl!

Again using my PCS Tweet set from Little C's ...
Today is my daughter's birthday and so today we went to Lego Land.. whoo hooo! it was so great for the kiddies. It is the perfect theme park for little ones like mine. The rides are just for them and lines weren't too long of a wait. Though I must say their hotdogs, are so so EXPENSIVE... hehehehhe I'm a cheapo and oh boy $30 for 2 kiddie hotdog meals and 2 indi hotdogs.. I mean they were the good ones Hebrew hotdogs but darn I don't think they should charge that much  hehehehehe. Anywhoots it was a great fun for the family and hope to return sometimes this summer so the kiddies can get their wet on. hehehehe.
and as for Enjoli's 2nd card here it is heheheheh


Jen said...

How cool all the creations Enjoli got... what a treat you are! Love all that you've been doing girl... keep up the great work!!


Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

So cute! You have such an eye for design!


Sara said...

OMG! Lego land! How lucky!

LOL-when I was a kid I had an obsession with Legos and would have LOVED to have this place near me :) I still secretly love playing legos with my nephews lol.

Any way, great cards! I'm loving the "tweets".

Have a great night!