Thursday, March 5, 2009

Porcupines ? ? ?

YES Porcupines...How cute are they? But it's not the right Porcupines I wanted to share with you guys.. hehehehe (Sorry forgot where I grabbed this pic from.but it's not mine.... heheh *peace*)
These are the kind of Porcupines I wanted to share....darn you can't really see why they call 'em porcupines cause they were still cookin' while I took the picture. hehehehe Porcupine Meatballs.... At first I was hesitant to even look at the ingridients but then again I searched for ground beef recipes so of course it was ground beef. hehehehe Anywhootsies... they call it porcupines cause they mix in uncooked rice with the ground beef and when it cooks the rice starts pokin' out of the meatballs hehehehe ain't it cute...
Then for the side I decided to cook the package of Sugar Snap Peas my mother gave me... (had no clue what to cook with it) But decided to make it into a stir fry like those ones in some Chinese restaurants... I also added some Brown Sugah for extra sweeteness like Me heheehehe and sprinkled some Sesame seeds for added taste... ;-)
Doesn't it look so so yummy... Well it WAS VERY YUM-O..... I laid the meatballs on top of my homemade smooshed potatoes.. not mashed K it's homemade by me so it's SMOOSHED. hehehe
Ok Just wanted to share some J-thoughts.... or I should say J-YuMs... hahahaha that's new oooh I like it... heheehe
YUM-O all


de said...

I grew up on porcupines and still crave and cook them today (the meat and rice kind!). Yum!

Maria said...

Okay. . .those things look like sea urchins. . . I think they are and I thought you were cooking them. Ugggh!

Love the meatballs though. . .good thing it wasn't those sea urchins. LOL!

Looks yummy, Jackielou!! Your family sure had a yummy dinner!!