Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Simple one...

So I have struggled to find the MoJo back and this card is barely bringin' it back hehehe. I was in a rush to make a card since I have not posted any new creations lately... But the problem was I never got around to posting it anyway.  hehehe. I haven't been able to visit my fave blogs either... Hopefully after I finish my creations today I soon will have all day to Blurf!
Anywhoots.... today was a pretty sad at work.. our very much love leader is no longer in our team :o( so so sad cause though not a lot of people were doin' what she really wants them to do; everyone has been sticking around because of her. I think that politics in the nursing field will never cease. They always have to pop up somehow and in anyway they can. I just hope that after 10 yrs of having the same director of nursing people would realize what they should have done different. Also hope we'll have a good replacement for her... sorry had to kinda vent...
Onto my gettin' my MoJo back slowly but surely....
  • DCWV Glitter sweet stack 
  • PCS Farm Animals (Little C's)
  • My Cheap markers heheh
  • Wal-mart buttons
  • PINK stickles
  • my glitter pens 
I used my glitter pen to color in the chefs hat and apron then embossed them.. I think she's a cute little duckling...


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