Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ok My last Spree for this month...

Or maybe even for the next 3 months hahahaha. I can't wait to start creating....
I went to my first day of orientation today but as I was turning into the street of the facility I get a phone call. " Hi Jackie! Where are you?" Yes I knew it.... Something was up and this is what my case manager said.... " The RCC called and said she can't orient you today..." Oh boy... hahahaha Thanks goodness my aunt, my mom, and the kids were headin' to the mall after they were supposed to drop me off. And so I said fine and dandy to the mishap and said SonJa's Scrapbooking spot here I come.... I felt my wallet shivering hahahahaha.
I spent $22 and I was super satisfied because she had a grand re-opening sale and it was 50% off on a whole lot of things.
Then I  get back to my moms  work and there were my HKs in the mailbox...
I got the Flourish from ebay. 

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Jen said...

Oh love those DSP's girl... love them colors!!!