Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Card.

Hello everyone... How's everyone doin? I'm just posting my previous drafts. I still haven't blurf as much as I really want to. Here's what I came up with one of the image I got from Ilissa... 

I love it. Its so cute. Since it was a stamped image already I couldn't do any embossing on the outline so I just used some gloss accent for the wings to give it shine.... hehehe. Here's the inside part of it. 

So today I had to take my little girl to have her tb test checked... Negative of course. It was so horrible when we took her last saturday... She had to get the TB test and blood draw that day... The med assistant poked her 3 times before she got any blood from her.... SUCKS big time... I mean I as a nurse gives shots with WAY bigger needles but I'm not a phlebotomist so I'm not certified to do it but DARN this girl poked my daughter 2x before she got any blood and while the needle wasn't pickin' up any blood she was goin' around the area where she poked trying to find a vein. Ayaya I tell you.... I nearly cried looking at my daughter and how painful it was for her... She said, " But mommy it really hurts!" with her tears fallin' down like a faucet... whew thank god I got that out... hahahaha
To make up for it, I guess, we all had a wonderful and blessed Saturday @ the beach... and it was as if she never went through that painful process. hahahaha
Okie dokie... that's it for now. I shall try to post as daily as possible since I have been crafting a bit more every night now... whooo hooo I just gotta get back to blurfing...

God bless and Happy MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!


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Joyce said...

I love the Birthday card, especially the way you decorated the inside.

I feel so bad for your little girl, she is absolutely adorable. She looks very happy in the sand. Hope everything is okay for her.

Thanks for sharing your card.